Atalanta's Return is a story written by Josh-Son Of Hyperion. 

Warning! Mild Graphic Content is Found on Chapter 4 and So On! You've been warned!


Atalanta has returned from the dead when Thanatos was unchained, and since then has escaped death for 20 years, and strangely, she loses the ability to age, which was traded with her increased speed in footrace (a.k.a long distance running contest). She has tricked families into joining the footrace with the lure of immeasurable wealth. They have to beat Atalanta in a footrace in order to get the price. Those who lost will be killed by Atalanta herself. Now: Josh, fresh out of his coma, along with his friends, must compete with Atalanta. Will Josh and his friends survive? Or will they die a painful death?

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Sarah Cahill

Layla Jobs

Adam Sinise

Gary McKidd

Melina McKidd

Josh McLean

Bella McLean

Melody McLean

Stella McLean

Jarren McLean

Jessica Sparks

Dallas Winston

Diana Vasquez


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