These are the rules to abide by on chat. Determined by the admins, these rules can be challenged by users. They can be changed as long as the majority of the users agree on it.


  • No harrassing. It's literally that simple. Depending on the degree of the harrassment, you may be banned from anywhere from 3 days to 3 years. It's that serious.

           Example of light harrasment:

  • XTaitoxShionx What's up Leon
  • 8:37LeonoidYou suck
  • 8:37XTaitoxShionx Wha?
  • 8:37LeonoidYou. Suck. Balls.
  • 8:37XTaitoxShionx ...
  • Leon, I might have to ban you for that
  • 8:37LeonoidI don't give a sht fagg
  • 8:37XTaitoxShionx ...

^This can get you banned for 3 days to 2 weeks.

Serious harrasment is:

  • LeonoidI'm going to kill you
  • 8:42XTaitoxShionxWhat?! Why
  • 8:43LeonoidI really am
  • 8:43XTaitoxShionxGoodbye!
  • Leonoid has been kicked out by XTaitoxShionx. 
  • Leonoid has entered the most rad awesome place ever! 
  • 8:43LeonoidI don't fcking care if you kick me
  • I know where you lice
  • live
  • Fail
  • 8:43XTaitoxShionxI feel uncomfortable
  • 8:43Leonoiddamn right i'm watching you now
  • 8:44XTaitoxShionxBan
  • Leonoid has been kicked out by XTaitoxShionx. 
  • Leonoid has entered the most rad awesome place ever! 
  • 8:44LeonoidI told you btch I don't care
  • 8:44XTaitoxShionxI'm done
  • Leonoid was acting like a major jerk, so XTaitoxShionx (undo) banished him from our awesome presences! \

That will get you banned at least a few months to a few years.


This rule is very simple. If an admin feels a disagreement about to start, that admin will kindly request that the users take it to PM. If for any reason they say no to that, the admin will ask once more. After that time, they are threatened with a kick for the defiant user, and possibly ban.

If a user, when they do go to PM, feels uncomfortable about what the other says, with proof, they can send it to an admin and request something happens to the other. A screenshot is reccomended. 


No excessive cursing. And by that, I mean the following words (as an example, not specifically):

  • B!tch
  • Fcker
  • Fck
  • Mtherfckr

Also, please refrain from language meant to insult. Such as calling people:

  • Fags
  • Dicks
  • Japs
  • Blacks

etc, etc. 

Language like this will be bannable by up to one month. 

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