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The sexiest god alive has arrived!
God of Sexual Desires
Protogenos of Creation and Nature
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth The beginning of time
Current age As old as time itself
Gender Male
Family All the gods and Titans

Ryoga and Ryuga Yokubo (Sons

Ariel Henson (Daughter)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Tan
Height 6'9
Weight At least 150 lbs.
Build Slender and muscular
Alias Bruno

Lover Boy

Affiliation Protogenoi
Weapons Epithymíes (his microphone that acts as an arrow)
Species Protogenoi
Home Spain


Appearances Novum Principum
Quests None
 Eros is the Protogenoi of Creation and Nature and God of Sexual Desires. 


Eros was the Protogenos (primordial deity) of procreation who emerged self-formed at the beginning of time. He was the driving force behind the generation of new life in the early cosmos. The Orphics knew him asPhanes, a primal being hatched from the world egg at creation. He was also equivalent to Thesis, "Creation," and Physis, "Nature.


Eros' favorite appearance is that of a hispanic male, with tan skin and brown hair. He has a slight goatee and grey eyes, along with a slight sideburn. He wears a black hat (at times), a white t-shirt with a blue jacket over it, and black pants. 

Hey, wanna go out?


Eros is a...flirtatious and hip god, who's constantly with the crowd. He often hangs around teenagers and young adults, and hosts many parties. He also critizes other gods for acting "old' and tries to flirt with many goddesses (including his "mother", Aphrodite). You can often find him at high schools or college dorms. 


  • Epithymíes- His microphone he carries with him everywhere. He uses it as an arrow, or a pointed weapon at times. 

    Ready to fight? I'm in!