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I'm not evil. I'm just...different.
Protogenoi of Time
Father of the Gods
King of the Titans
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Beginning of Time
Current age As old as Time itself
Gender Male
Family The Gods and Titans
Status Alive; Imprisioned
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Brown/ Black
Skin Color Pale
Height 6'8
Weight At least 160 lbs.
Build Muscular
Alias Father Time


Affiliation Protogenoi

The Titans

Weapons Págoma Chrónos- His microphone and headphone set which freezes time and allows his spirit to roam the Mortal Realm in disguise.
Species Protogenoi


Home Mt.Isótita
Appearances Novum Principum
Quests None
 Khronos is the Protogenoi of Time, as well as God of Time. He tried to invade and destroy Olympus on numerous occasions, before deciding that approach was way too dangerous. 


The Protogenos of time was the very first being to emerge at creation self-formed. He was a three-headed, incorporeal being with serpentine tail, who circled the whole of creation, entwined with his consort Ananke.

After his son, Zeus, overthrew him, he was locked in Tartaros with the other titans. Unbeknowst to Zeus, Tartaros was also a Protogenoi, and very close to Khronos, which is how he escaped  his prision. After the second failure, he decided that his tactic- using Titans- was failure. He needed powerful gods he could trust. The Protogenoi. 

Tartaros slipped him his magicial microphone, which allowed his to take some of his being and go to the mortal world, along with controlling time.  


Foolish mortals...


Khronos took the appearance of a business man, with pale skin and black hair called "Hiyama". He wears glasses and has flawless skin. He wears a black suit, white undershirt, and blue tie. Usually, he wears his headphone set and carries his microphone in his hand so he can stay in the mortal world. 


Contrary to what many think, Khronos is a nice and playful guy. He is just very serious at times. And dark. Usually, Khronos takes everything serious unless it's with one of his friends. He hardly regards Rhea as his wife (much perfering his original wife, Ananke), and dispises his children, the Olympians. He is a seducer to Mortal women and is also easily seduced.
Under The Darkness - Khronos theme

Under The Darkness - Khronos theme


  • Págoma Chrónos- His Microphone that allows him to control time and be in the Mortal World.