Diana's P.O.V

It was a tough war. I don't really like to kill other demigods in a war, but seeing that I have no other option, then so be it. I sliced and hacked and kicked, dodged the demigods and many of them were flying around the camp and dropping down like debris.

I wasn't sure about this, because it seemed just too easy for me. I continued to whirl around, and I saw the Ares cabin deploy their top warrior. They wanted to pit them against me. I noticed that we were matching each other in height, and he walked I could hear in his shoes, thump, thump, thump. It was hard, which told me that he was heavy, but I've lifted things heavier than him so that wasn't a problem.

He raised his sword, and I drew my hunting knifes and lunged at him. He tried to stop my hunting knife but I was just way too powerful for him, so in the last moments before it hit his chest, he managed to dodge. Wow, good one.

He grabbed my arm and he tried to twist it, but he only succeeded in twisting it about 1 centimeter around, which is nowhere near enough to break my arm. I grabbed his arm and, with his eyes widened, broke his arm and power kicked him, sending him toppling towards the Ares cabin.

I stepped forward towards the opposition, they backed away, but the Ares kid wasn't done yet. He wan't giving up. What a dummy...

Zeus's P.O.V

It was an all out war. We were using our own domains as battlegrounds. I was sending lightning to the vast oceans, and it's going to be a thunderstorm all around the world. Artemis was battling with Ares and she seems to be winning.

"Your hunter won't survive against this demigod son of mine, Artemis!" Ares yelled.

Artemis laughed. "You haven't seen what this hunter of mine can do." Then Artemis charged at Ares. Ares was in rage so he wasn't really thinking. As soon as Artemis got close to him, she bent down and did a slide tackle on Ares's leg. Ares fell down and Artemis stabbed him in the chest and he coughed golden ichor.

"Nice.... one..." That's all Ares could say, and in the meantime I was bombarding the oceans with thunderbolts.

Diana's P.O.V

I was winning against this Ares kid. He was clumsy, and I killed him easily, as I am just toying with him all along.

"Now.... anyone else want to come and have a go?" I asked, challenging the opposition. One son of Poseidon approached and he told the others to get back as he summoned a wall of water at me. The people behind me were already backing away, and I power jumped up as the wall of water missed my very far, and I got down, and the son of Poseidon's eyes widened as I stabbed him in the chest, hitting his heart. The Son of Poseidon went down.

Apparently the war didn't last longer than 4 hours. By that time, everyone on the opposition had cowered because their forces were no match for our forces, especially when I'm on their side.

A cheer went from the cabins from our side, and with the Hunters too. The losers of the war gets to do a century of camp duty, ranging from cleaning the kitchen, to missing every lunch or dinner as punishment from the war. Then, I went with the hunters, and I feel like almost empty inside, as if I didn't feel any guilt from killing demigods in the war. A few hours ago, I certainly feel guilt, but now I felt almost empty, as if my feelings had gone numb.

Artemis herself went to this camp to congratulate the hunters, especially me.

"Well done, hunters!" Artemis said. "And especially you, Diana! You have made me proud!"

"Thank you, Milady." I said.

"Looks like your brutal training had paid off." Artemis said. "And I guess you're so strong now that you can break even Hephaestian Materials. Now, I have to send you on another quest. There's a deadly monster rising from the depths of Tartarus. Some said that it's a very deadly monster created by Chaos itself. It's bits of a dragon. Can you go to Tartarus and investigate?"

"Yes, Milady." I said, and then I'm off my way towards the depths of Tartarus to investigate.

I went down to the underworld through the doors of Orpheus (and yes, my voice i that beautiful), and went straight to Tartarus. It took me quite a while to journey there, because Tartarus is so deep into the underworld that some say it's not part of the underworld. Anyways, it took me a whole 24 hours to get to Tartarus, with its dark gravity helping me down. I managed to get some sleep before I actually arrive at Tartarus. 

I looked around Tartarus, and I saw usual stuff like monsters reforming, and they are incredibly powerful down here. I remember this boy named Nico, he was overwhelmed by Gaea's forces instantly because they are so very powerful down here. But he'd only been in here once. I've been here for hundreds of times already. I continued to look around for this dragon.

As I walked around, I saw pieces of broken glass, some charred bones of monsters are around, which is weird because monsters usually disintegrate to dust, but this time they stay and their bones are charred, and it's still steaming hot, which is hinted by its red glowing bones in here.

Something big is behind me, and I was just in time to dodge its fiery breath. Even though I am already 7 feet away from its fiery breath, I could feel the immense heat from here. It's as if his breath is brighter than a solar flare or something. I started running, and the dragon chased me. I ducked down a pillar and continued power sprinting as the dragon breathed fire. I looked back for a while and shot 3-4 arrows at the dragon. It each went through his armored plating, and went inside his chest. Then the dragon roared in pain as it appears to have died. I was speculating that this dragon might have tried to go into the upper world and cause terror, so I am lucky to have been sent here by Artemis to investigate. After I am finished, I sent Artemis a message, requesting to be teleported out of Tartarus, and then Artemis agreed, and within seconds, I was back to the upper world.

I was back on Artemis's side, and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling before her.

"Well done, Diana! You have proven to be my most loyal hunter!"

"Thank you, Milady." I said, as I kept my face down.

"Now, this time, I will ask you do perform this task. No demigods or hunters have ever performed this task before. You will go to the mediterranean sea and fight this huge Kraken that is threatening to unleash havoc on this country."

"Yes, Milady." I said, and I set my journey to the mediterranean sea. It's a sea to be feared, because high level threats awaits there, and ships can sink without warning. I decided to take a medium sized raft since it's quite resistant to waves motion, and I figure that it's more convenient than smaller boats since smaller boats tend to capsize easier. I went to the beach in Miami as a departure point and grabbed a medium sized boat in order to make my journey across the mediterranean sea. I heard that its depth reaches an incredible 8000 meters, which is incredibly deep. I reckon that the kraken can be lured into the surface and I can slay it, but the odds are I will be able to find them since they attack every ship that passes through.

Anyways, as soon as I am in the middle of the mediterranean sea, I decided to wait here, to wait for krakens to attack. Since they're so large, their presence should be obvious. I waited for 1-2 hours in the boat, and finally, the kraken came. It's 500 meters in length, and I am ready to engage the monstrosity. I drew my bow and nocked 4 explosive arrows at once at the kraken's mouth, and as each arrow exploded, the kraken roared in pain and thrashed around more. Good news: I am out of reach of the Kraken's range. Bad news: The Kraken created some tidal waves that threatens to capsize this boat. I just barely managed to stabilize the boat before I fire more arrows at the Kraken. The Kraken roared more, and I have to keep the boat out of the Kraken's range so that its tentacles would not slam into the boat. I continued to fire explosive arrows, and this is probably the time I realized that I could only fire so much arrows that my body is getting dizzy.

I just decided to summon celestial bronze tipped arrows, but very heavy, and I noticed that my lightheadedness is diminishing. I nocked 4 arrows at once at The Kraken's tentacles, and as it hits its tentacles, The Kraken thrashed wildly and more tidal waves are sent to this boat, and I managed to stabilize the boat as the waves hit the boat. I saw the Kraken is in pain, and it's idle, so I went in for the kill, I power jumped out of the boat, and swam 600 meters towards the Kraken, and once I got there, I started stabbing the Kraken with my hunting knives, looking for a weak spot. Then I go for its neck, which I stabbed and took a few seconds to get it through because I've reached its strong muscles, which means that it's protecting something vital inside. Then I shove my hunting knives more and the Kraken yelled in pain as the Kraken disintegrated.

I swam back to my boat, and it took about 7 minutes before I get back to my boat, and I made my trip back to Miami, and then New York, and then Camp Half-Blood.

I got to Camp Half-Blood, to see that the Ares cabin had been turned into some kind of maximum security prison for starting the war and loses. It was kind of a relief, and the Gods have already imprisoned Ares and his allies in this bronze jar. Apparently the Gods do take this war as a serious lesson to learn from, as they used examples such as imprisoning participants in the war that were the ones to have caused this war to happen, much like what the United Nations did to Germany when Germany started World War One.

The hunters are apparently taking shifts guarding the prison, and since they knew that hunters are really versatile, the prisoners would have to think twice in order to attack any of the hunters. The Amazons were also called in, because the hunters don't have all their times guarding the prison. The hunters have another job to do.

Anyways, I looked around the prison, and it's like the maximum security prison that I've seen in any states, where everything was guarded, including electric fences, sentry towers and highly compressed concrete floors that could be about at least 2 meters thick. Anyways, I looked around, and see that everything is clean. That's because the prisoners are on a routine cleaning schedule, cleaning the entire prison, while being in close watch by the wardens. I saw Josh working as one of the wardens, threatening to fire laser on inmates that doesn't work properly. There's one thing about him though, and that is he is short. Inmates would have picked on him for being so short, and that's why he's standing on the floor above the inmates, so the inmates won't have the time to pick on him before the officers stopped him.

I looked around, and I only managed to look at the middle before Artemis called me again. She told me to go to Olympus since I am only wasting my time here. At once, I went to Olympus to see Artemis.

"Yes, Milady." I kneeled before her.

"Diana." Artemis said. "Good job on looking at the inmates in Ares's cabin. They will be staying there for a while. Now listen, I have a task for you. One of my hunters are captured by monsters, and they're going to rape her. You must rescue her before the raping take place."

"Yes, Milady. Any idea on where she is now?" I asked.

Artemis walked towards me and touched my back. It weighed very much, and after a while, a map appeared in my head, showing where all the hunters are, as if by magic. Anyways, the hunter on distress is just 500 miles to the West.

"Please, rescue her, and kill whoever attempted to rape her." Artemis said.

"Yes, Milady." I said, and I got up and went to the West side of Olympus in order to get whoever monster that tries to rape this hunter.

It was hard just to get to the west by foot. I already ran for miles of what seemed to be barren desert, and that made me lose fluid at a faster rate, so I decided to drink more water and before long I was refreshed again and continued making my way to the very edge of Gila Claw, Arizona, which is just near the Lotus Hotel and Casino. I encountered some laistrygonian giants, and raping centaurs, and since they tried to rape me, I give off a fight, which lasted in less than half a minute, as I quickly killed them off with my arrows. I encountered many monsters on my journey, and I managed to kill them off since most of them are just minor monsters. Then I encountered the monster that is dragging the hunter to be raped. I shot an arrow to its neck, and the monster disintegrated. The monster turned out to be one of the powerful cyclops, so I was lucky to have killed it, and the cyclops dropped the hunter, and I freed her.

"Thanks, Diana." Alice said. "I couldn't have done it without you."

"No problem." I said, and I ran with her out of Gila Claw, Arizona. I encountered many obstacles while making my way towards Olympus, but I can face the obstacles, as there are some monsters that can turn invisible, and they can't even make a scratch on my skin as I killed them off. The hunter that I rescued still can fight fine, but she is still a little shocked, so I did my best to comfort her.

"Alice, you will be alright now. Now, let's find the hunters. They're going to take care of you. I will stay with you until we find the hunters."

"Thanks!" Alice said, and she followed me, and we found the hunters.

"Diana! Alice! You're back! What happened?" The hunters said.

"It's..." Alice shivered. Rapes or attempted rapes are one of the worst experience a girl can experience, and as a hunter, we must not get raped, or else we would lose our virginity and that leads to expulsion from the hunters, and being with the hunters is my life, and I can't afford to lose it. I will do everything that I can to not get raped, even if I have to bring down the world in order to do so. That's one of my flaws, and that's one thing that I haven't told anyone, and I mean it really. I haven't told that to even my mistress, and I will never do. "...the cyclops that tried to rape me. But don't worry. Diana has taken care of it for me." 

"Gee, thanks, Diana!" The hunters said, clapping my back.

I smiled. "No problem. Now, where to?"

"We should go around and find shelter. I'm tired here." Julia said.

"Yeah, come on, let's assemble the camps." Phoebe said, as she assembled the camp in an incredibly fast rate, and in no time, we were asleep.

Dreams found me, and it was Artemis, who usually talked to me in my sleep. It's necessary for me to talk to her because it's when I get directions to where and what I'm going to do tomorrow or the next month or so.

"Diana." Artemis smiled at me.

"Milady." I kneeled before her.

"You have done a fantastic job!" Artemis said. "Now, you will get to go back to camp tomorrow, take a break for now, and then in a few weeks time, we will train again."

"Thank you, Milady." I said.

"Now you should go with the hunters back to camp." Artemis said, and then I was awake.

I was the first one to wake from sleep, and I proceeded to wake everyone else. Julia suddenly proposed that we play truth or dare, but I insist that we play that when we got to camp. Anyways, the hunters pack up the camps incredibly fast, and then we were on our way to Camp Half-Blood, but not without any resistance from the monsters. Since we're used to kill monsters, it was easy, with a quick notch of an arrow, we were able to make quick work on the monsters. After that, when we're nearing Camp Half-Blood, we were greeted by Chiron, and, of course, Josh. 

"Hello." Chiron said, and as we entered, it's kinda strange to see that not so many campers are around, and when they are around, they're either naked or running around crazily.

"What happened, Chiron?" I asked. "The camp seems.... quiet."

"They're playing truth or dare." Chiron said. "I don't know the full details, but some are taking their clothes off."

Just then, Adam came out, and he grinned at us. "Hey! You hunters are just in time for Truth or Dare game!"

"Alright!" Julia said, and before we could stop her, she ran inside Hermes's cabin. So we decided to follow her. Inside the cabin, there's the whole campers, including Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Nico Di Angelo, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Will Solace, Leo Valdez, Nyssa, Piper McLean, Mitchell, Lacy, Jake Mason, and Clarisse La Rue. They're having a fun time playing Truth or Dare, and I noticed that some of their clothes were either gone or they decided to wear that clothing.

"Hello, Hunters of Artemis!" Connor said. "For those of you who don't know what we're doing, we're playing Truth or Dare. So, the rules are standard for a basic Truth or Dare game. You can chicken as many times as you like, but in doing so, you have to take your clothes off everytime you chicken."

"Umm... we'll pass," I said. Julia also frowned, because it's one hell of a game they're playing. We don't play truth or dares like that. But I have to admit it's quite hilarious to see demigods play that kind of a game. But it's not the hunters thing to play that game so we decided to move on.

Anyways, we saw Josh entering the room where the others were, and he went inside.

Josh's P.O.V

It was hilarious to see people naked left and right, since most of them had chickened from their dares, especially Clarisse La Rue, who was down to her bra and undies. I never looked very close at her build, and it's more bulky than I expected.

"Now, whose turn was it?" Nico said, as he clutched his skull bracelet in his wrist.

"Mine." Travis said, as he took off his shirt. "That was nasty.... Annabeth, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Annabeth said.

"I dare you to smack Poseidon in the head this moment." Travis said.

Most of the demigods had been daring people to smack Gods in their head or humiliate them in front of the other Olympians, causing them to remove pretty much all of their clothes. 

"I guess I'll pass." Annabeth said, as she took off her jacket, revealing her Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. I guess Annabeth hadn't been dared as much as anyone else or she hasn't chickened out a lot.

Anyways, it's Annabeth's turn to ask.

"Joshy, truth or dare." Annabeth said.

"Truth." I said.

"Alright... Do you have a crush on any of the hunters that just came?" Annabeth asked.

My heart started beating quite fast. I do have a crush on one of them.

"Y-yes." I said.

I looked around, searching for anyone who could be a good target of my next prey. I looked around and focused on Piper McLean.

"Piper, Truth or Dare?" I asked her.

"Truth." Piper said.

"Do you regret not being with Jason anymore?"

"Yeah." Piper said, tears brimming on her eyes. I could tell this subject is touchy to her.

Just before the truth or dare game began, we all swore to the river styx to tell the truth when we pick truth, so that we cannot tell lies. Whenever someone tell a lie, thunder boomed in the distance, and the group will know that that person has lied. Oh yeah, and everytime that person lied, he had to take off an additional clothing, stripping the player faster.

"Nyssa, Truth or Dare?" Piper asked.

"Truth." Nyssa said.

"Do you want to kiss Percy right now?" Piper asked.

Nyssa's face went white. Apparently Piper hit her straight in the heart.

"No." Nyssa said.

There was a boom of thunder outside.

"I mean, yes." Nyssa said.

Annabeth's eyes widened as she glared at Nyssa. Of course this game only brought more anger than fun. You can ask people's deepest secrets and they were forced to tell if you say truth, and if dare, people can dare you to do stupid things such as licking someone else's feet, and that is incredibly gross. It looks like the hunters don't want to play this game because they don't want people to see their naked bodies.

"Now, my turn." Nyssa said. "Percy, Truth or Dare?" Nyssa asked.

"Dare." Percy said.

"Alright. I dare you to sit on Annabeth's lap for the rest of the game."

Percy sighed, and then he sat on Annabeth's lap. I could tell Annabeth's enjoying it because she moaned in pleasure.

"Hmm... who to pick..." Percy mused, as he searched for a suitable victim. "Josh, truth or dare?"

"Dare." I said.

"I dare you to dunk your head underwater for 4 minutes."

And so I did it. I dunk my head underwater, and after 4 minutes, I gasped and coughed. Then I looked around for my next target.

"Leo, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Truth." Leo said.

"How does it feel to be the seventh wheel?" I asked.

Leo put his head down. "It was.... outcasting." Leo said. It's clear that Leo feels depressed because he feels like he is an outcast from the original group, where the other 6 had partners.

"Anyways..." Leo said, perking up. "Jake, truth or dare?" 

"Dare." Jake said.

"Alright, I dare you to lick Nyssa's groin for 30 seconds."

"Eww!!" Jake said, and his only clothing now is his underwear and his undershirt and so he decided to take off his undershirt, leaving him topless.

That's one of the most disgusting dares I've seen, and now it's Jake's turn to ask.

"Mitchell, truth or dare?" Jake asked.

"Dare." Mitchell said. 

"I dare you to throw a hammer to Clarisse."

Mitchell refused, so he took off another of his clothing. His body wasn't as athletic as Jake, as I saw his upper body.

Just then, the hunters returned, and we looked at the clock, and it's only 15 minutes past.

"Oh my..." Diana said. "Looks like it's getting worse."

"Yeah." I said. "Care to join?" I asked.

"Umm... no." Diana said, as she left the room.

Diana's P.O.V

I had just enjoyed my time in Camp Half-Blood, and it really feels good to be back with the hunters, as it provides me with a time to enjoy life with the other hunters, but.... It won't be long before Artemis called me again. But I have sworn to be loyal at all times to Artemis so I didn't have much choice. In some cases, Artemis wants to train me harder and harder so I would evolve into a more powerful hunter. I was also trained to withstand psychological tortures, and what to do in each and every situation that my torturer would do. My worst fear is losing my virginity, and that's why I kept my vagina covered with silver underwear plating, and overtime, my vaginal tracts closes so the kidnapper won't be able to assault me sexually, which will be impossible since chances are, I am so many times stronger than him.

Just then, Artemis appeared right in front of me, and I immediately kneeled down.

"Milady, what is it that I can do for you?" I asked.

"Hello, Diana." Artemis said. "I have an urgent quest for you. There has been rumors that in the mediterranean sea that there has been monsters sighted. I want you to go there and investigate."

"Yes, Milady." I said, as I stood up and packed my bag for the quest.

It seems like an ordinary day for the quest, but for me, 40% of the quests I went into, I went across unexpected and monsters that are forgotten by the Gods, and thus Artemis almost had no idea what they are. Anyways, I have to use my strengths, wisdom, intelligence, and charisma to do this.

And yes, my charisma is my beauty. It worked quite effectively, and about 20% of the time it worked. After I packed my bag for the quest, I set out on the quest, while I don't really have to worry about mortals looking at me since I can simply manipulate the mist so that the mortals would just see me as a regular tourist. I continued power sprinting my way towards Miami beach and decided to get a boat and finally I am on my way towards the Mediterranean sea.

As soon as I am on the Mediterranean sea, I began investigating. Thankfully, the boat I am in is equipped with the finest technology, so it saves me from going down to the depths of the ocean. For some reason, it showed that monsters from the depths are stirring, and it's the giant serpent of the seas. Looks like this time I am in luck, because the trip took 3 days, and I was able to find the target monster. I guess I could find something to report to Artemis, because as I can tell, Artemis doesn't like empty reports from her hunters.

Just then, the serpent attacked this ship. The ship managed to keep balance and it's nowhere near capsizing. I went to the starboard side as I drew my arrow and shot a couple of arrows at the serpent and the serpent thrashed out in pain more. After a while, the serpent retreated into the depths.

It seems quite easy, but after I waited for a couple of minutes, I saw more serpents, and it's longer than the first one. I was having difficulty fending off the serpents since they attack so fast, but that problem is easily overcame by my very quick reaction time of nocking heavy arrows at the serpents. The serpents are writhing more, and I fired an arrow, and for some reason, that arrow made one of the serpents disintegrate into ashes. Perhaps it's the serpent's weak spot.

I was already speculating that some of the serpents are spawned by a very powerful sea god in from the depths because I saw that the serpents are getting more and more powerful each time.

I decided to jump into the water and just put my face just on the surface while facing down. I could sense some kind of powerful magic at work, and I could sense more serpents are around going up and they are sent to the surface to lurk around for more creatures to prey on. I decided to go back to America to report what I had seen on the Mediterranean to Artemis, and so the Gods could take necessary precautions.

It took me a couple of hours to go back to New York, and when I was running through the woods, Artemis appeared beside me.

"Diana, you have returned." Artemis said.

I kneeled. "Yes MIlady. And there's news that that you might not like. There are serpents coming from the bottom of Mediterranean Sea, and they just kept coming as soon as I killed them."

Artemis frowned. "Looks like the great serpent is waking up. I have to go to Olympus at once. Diana, come with me! I have a very secret quest that only you can undertake."

"Yes, Milady." I said, as I followed her to Olympus. It was quite a long journey, but just be reminded that I'm much more powerful than the other hunters and therefore I reached Olympus in a matter of minutes.

As soon as I reached Olympus, the other Gods are discussing about my findings in the Mediterranean Sea. It wasn't pleasant at all. The Gods were fearing something the the mortal world didn't know about. Anyways, Zeus gave us a lecture and I listened.

Looks like it's a threat that all the Gods fear, and worse yet, they're sending me to do the job, along with one other companion.

"Diana, you will go to the Mediterranean with this guy named Philip. Philip is a Son of Poseidon, and he should be able to outline the dangers in the sea. Do this quest for me, hunter Diana. Do not fail me." Artemis said.

"Yes, Milady." I said, as I departed on my quest. But first I have to find this guy named Philip to go with him. I came to Camp Half-Blood to get him, and apparently he was waiting for me. Philips has black hair and brown eyes and he has normal build. He's about 5'10 in height and he has a good smile.

"Well, you're really fast indeed." Philip said. "I was just waiting for 2-3 minutes before you came. Some hunters can take as long as 2 hours before coming." 

"Well I'm not most hunters. Anyways, we've got a quest to go to the Mediterranean to slay this giant serpent, I believe?" 

Philips nodded, and his expression darkened. "Yeah, and he has his own name. It's the most terrifying of all serpents, and its name is Jormungandr." 

It was unusual for me to pale, but Jormungandr is the largest serpent ever known on earth, and it's size grows to the circumference of the earth itself. I have never got a chance to face Jormungandr himself, and this will be a very tough battle between the monster and us. I was glad that I brought someone with me. 

"Do not worry, Philip." I told him. "We will kill this monster. Let's see if the whole tartarus can even hold him." 

"I doubt that Tartarus would be able to even hold this giant serpent." Philip said. 

"Then we just have to capture this serpent, even though it would take an enormous amount of effort." I said. 

"I can tell my father to capture it." Philip said. 

"Anyways, let's go." I said, as I power-sprinted away from Camp. 

"Wait!!" Philips said. I turned back. I forgot that I was with a companion and I almost forgotten that he was with me. 

"Let's run all the way to Miami." I told him. 

Philip stared at me if I was crazy. "Are you crazy? Miami is miles away from New York!" 

"Well, if you want to take a taxi, you're welcome to. But I'm running from here." I said.

"Well, if that's what you want." Philip said, as he took a car and we drove our way towards the beach in Miami. It took no longer than 2 hours to get there, since the traffic is smooth, and Philip is indeed very surprised as to I got here without using a car.

"Diana! How..... you ran all the way from New York to here without tiring!" Philip said.

"Yeah, Hunters of Artemis rarely tires, and they can move from place to place really quickly." I said, before finding a boat to depart on our quest. The boat was easy to find, and in no time, we took off.

It was a thrill, knowing that I get to run again, exercising my body so that my body stays fit and young and battle-ready. As soon as I reached Miami, Philips got out of the car and he was astonished when I was able to keep up with him.

"H-how?" Philips asked. "How could you keep up with me? How did you run so fast and so long?"

"It's training and training and training, Philips." I looked at him. "If you train very hard, eventually you can do the same."

"Yeah, that is very helpful." Philip said, and he kept walking towards the beach with me to look for boats that we can use to depart to the Mediterranean Sea. But since Philips is a Son of Poseidon, he shouldn't have trouble going out without a boat. But I need to also stay on the dry ship, since I don't want to die from lack of water.

As soon as we got on the ship, we set sail, and I got to admit that Philip is indeed powerful. That is, only on the oceans, since that's his domain.

It was a lengthy journey, but Philips commanded the waves to carry us faster so we can get to the Mediterranean faster. It was really worth it since it saves time. I do not have to tirelessly keep watch of the oceans, but still it's in my natural reflexes to watch every side in the oceans.

It took us only 30 minutes to reach the Mediterranean, which is incredibly fast since it normally took me 6 hours normally for me to even get to the Mediterranean. As soon as we got there, I was surprised at the number of serpents that are around this ocean, and I know since a lot of them were swimming on the surface.

"Sea serpents." Philip said. "Perhaps we can try to lure Jormungandr out to the open. But we have no knowing that it could be only its body, or its tail."

"Perhaps we need some bait." I said, as I drew my bow and attached the rope to the end of a large arrow.

Philips looked at the arrow wide eyed. "Wow, that looked heavy."

"Yeah it is heavy." I said. The arrow is 4 feet long, with a cross section of the area in a radius of 1 centimeters. "Wanna hold it?"

"Yeah sure." Philip said, as I tossed the arrow to him, and at an instant, he succumbed to its weight. "UGH!! It's very heavy! Are you even comfortable using these kinds of arrows?"

"Yeah." I took the arrow back, and aimed it at a serpent that are swimming. I waited for the right moment to strike, and then I nocked that arrow at the serpent, and the serpent stopped swimming.

I grabbed the end of the string, and pulled it with ease as the giant serpent is dragged here. I grabbed the giant serpent and pulled him up using my bare hands. Philip, of course, stared at me wide-eyed.

"Wow, you're incredibly strong!" Philip said.

"Yeah I get that everytime I went to quests with other people." I looked at him.

"If only there was a God that allows male to become hunters..." Philip trailed off.

I laughed. "There are no male hunters, Philip." I said as I pulled the serpent on board and ripped apart its skin to reveal its contents. Looks like this serpent had recently eaten 4 large fishes that could be used as bait to lure Jormungandr out of the depths. I speared it using a nearby spear, tied the spear using a very long rope and threw it into the ocean. 

"I'll keep watch on the ocean." Philips said.

I nodded, and I watched as Philips dove to the ocean and he was out of sight. I sighed as I waited for this giant serpent to bite the bait.

Philip's P.O.V

I kept watch over the bait and the ocean. The thick fishing rope is made of Hephaestian materials, which is one of the strongest materials ever made, and I'm just waiting down here, fending off smaller serpents and sharks by talking to them telepathically, and it's just one of the natural abilities children of Poseidon have. 

It was really boring to wait for this serpent called Jormungandr to arrive, but after about 30 minutes, I managed to spot the serpent. I could only see its head and the body, as the serpent's length is incredibly long, and from where I am standing right now, I couldn't see the end of the serpent. Looks like we've caught Jormungandr. I willed water to build up pressure below me and I sprouted up and landed beside Diana, who is expecting me.

"Jormungandr is coming!" I yelped.

Diana drew her bow and picked a large arrow, and it's 4 feet in length, and 2 centimeters in radius, which is larger than the rest.

Diana's P.O.V

"Philips, take the fishing spear's rope. Pull it when Jormungandr gets the bait." I told him.

Philip nodded, and he did what I told him. When Jormungandr got the bail, Philip is desperately trying to pull the rope. Instead, he is getting pulled by the serpent.

"Need a hand?" I asked.

"Y-y-yes!" Philips struggled.

I grabbed the rope and pulled. I've got to admit that this one is quite a challenge to pull, but I gripped the thick hephaestian rope hard and pulled as hard as I can. I was making progress, and we made a couple more pulls and as expected, the giant serpent rose and thrashed, and at that instant, I told Philips to hold onto the hephaestian fishing rope and I drew my bow and used the 4 centimeters thick arrow with 4 feet in length and nock it at the serpent. I used the longbow that's modified into a compound bow, and it really did its part in deadly acceleration of the arrow that pierced the serpent's neck. I could tell that it pierced its veins and arteries as I watched the serpent roared in pain as it disintegrates into ashes, and earthquakes can be felt along where Jormungandr's body once were. I'm sure the entire Tartarus will be angry to see that its space is taken up by this one monster.

Anyways, after we slew Jormungandr, we decided to head back to land, and I was really surprised that we managed to defeat that one humongous monster. We returned to New York, and it's surprising to see more campers are in Camp Half-Blood. Looks like satyrs have enhanced their senses on smelling demigods so that more and more demigods are coming to Camp Half-Blood.

We arrived at the camp, and we stopped by the Hermes cabin. I was surprised that they're still playing this truth or dare game. Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Nico Di Angelo, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Will Solace, Leo Valdez, Nyssa, Piper McLean, Mitchell, Lacy, Jake Mason, and Clarisse La Rue are still playing the game, with Grover Underwood, Katie Gardner and Gleeson Hedge also joining them in the game. 

"Hey, let me join!" Philip said.

"Sure, you're welcome to join." Connor said. "Diana, you want to join too?"

"Tempting... but I'll join." I said, as I joined this game of Truth or Dare.

And so I joined this game of Truth or Dare, and since I'm only wearing 4 pieces of clothes here, I am risking my clothes to be torn of any moment I refuse to do a truth or dare, depending on what I chose. I noticed that most people are naked and some girls, like Annabeth, is completely naked, who are forced to continue the game because if she forfeit right now, she would get out of the cabin completely naked. Unless, of course, someone dared her to put all her clothes on or other exceptions.

"Connor, truth or dare?" Katie said.

"Dare." Connor said, feeling confident.

"I dare you to go around this room 30 times completely naked while I grab and pull your tits very hard." Katie said.

"Umm...." Connor is about to object, and realizing that he only had his underwear left, he decided to do it. He stood up, and Katie pulled his nipples very hard and I almost laughed when Connor screamed like a little girl as Katie pulled his nipples very hard and told him to go around the room 30 times. It was really hilarious since he got pranked, and also the fact that he always prank people around.

After he went around the room 30 times, he was clutching his nipples in pain and everyone had a good laugh about it. Then Connor turned his head towards me. In an instant I could tell his emotions, and they're a mix of fear and lust. Fear because he hadn't seen any girl that tall and lust because, well, people say that I'm incredibly beautiful so...yeah.

"D-Diana.... Truth or dare?" Connor said.

"Truth." I told him.

"Hmm.. alright." Connor said as he is thinking. "Do you have a crush on anyone here?"

"Nope." I said, and everyone waited for thunder to rumble, but it didn't. Their mouths opened wide, because I am this beautiful and I don't have a crush on anyone in here.

"Now... my turn." I said, and I scanned the crowd, and sure enough everyone is looking at me, and I looked at the one that's most nervous next to Connor, which is his twin brother Travis. "Travis, truth or dare?" I asked him.

"Truth." Travis said.

"Do you have a crush on anyone here? If so, who?"

"Umm..." Travis stammered. "Y-yes."

It took a while for Travis to answer, and I know that he had a crush on me. I just wanted him to spill the beans.

Travis scanned the room and all eyes are staring into Travis. That made Travis even more nervous. So Travis said:

"I got a crush on Diana here." Travis said, blushing.

"ooooooo...." Some of the campers ooohed. It was funny to look at the Stoll Brothers like that, especially when they get a taste of their own medicine. I bet someone here even dared them to lick the floor, and they get to choose between disgust or shame.

"My turn. Annabeth, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Annabeth blushed madly.

"I dare you to walk around the room once." Travis said.

It seems like an ordinary dare, but it's challenging to her since she had not a single clothes on. As she walked around the room, she covered her naked body with her hands, and afer she walked around once around the room, she sat back down.

I think it's time for me to depart, since I've got another quest coming up, and I don't want to waste my time on this game or else Artemis would get mad at me again.

"Guys, I'm going to leave now. Thanks for the game!" I said.

"Aww...." Connor moaned, as I got out of the room, and into my next quest that Artemis is about to tell me.

I just hoped that my quest doesn't involve immense pain and breaking chains that are impossible to break. I really need longer breaks, and more time to train. I met Artemis in the woods.

"Hello, Diana." Artemis said. "I have been waiting for you."

"Yes, Milady. I am told that you wished to speak to me." I kneeled before her.

"Diana, I have another dangerous quest for you that other people won't be able to know." Artemis explained the quest to me. "I'm afraid that the monsters are staging a rebellion and their stronghold is somewhere in Arizona. I want you to flush them out for me."

"Yes, Milady. May I take someone with me?" I asked.

"I'm afraid no." Artemis said. "I have to keep this a secret from the demigods so they won't panic."

"Yes, Milady." I stood up and went to my cabin. I packed some steaks, sushis and salads and packed two lotions and a large container of water and a small amount of nectar and I power-sprinted outside. 

Flushing out rebellions have been one of my most favorite quests because I like keeping things in order. It was a relief that I got to not only hunt monstes, but to also slay many monsters in a single day. This is one of the things that is really fun to do, especially when I'm doing it alone.

But doing it with a partner makes the job easier, but still, doing it alone is fun, since most of my quests involves me being alone, and the only instances where I get to be with a companion is reaching places that I can't reach, for example, Poseidon's Kingdom, taking out secret hideouts in the skies, and even underground missions. I continued to power sprint towards Arizona, and along the way, I saw this laistrygonian giant blocking my way. I got ready, and the laistrygonian giant also got ready too. I nocked an arrow at the giant, and the giant seemed to dodge that arrow, and the giant glared at me and charged at me. I braced myself, and when the giant is close, I sidestepped and sliced at the giant's chest, and the giant disintegrated. 

I sighed as I continued my way towards Arizona, to find this hideout that Artemis told me belonged to the monsters. It was really a challenge to find the hideout, because Arizona is vast, which means it could be anywhere in the desert. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and I don't want to wipe out the whole haystack unless the whole haystack is crowded with monsters. 

It turns out that the whole village is crowded with monsters, and I decided to take them out, to show my loyalty to Artemis. I killed three laistrygonian giants with one arrow, and fires more arrows at the approaching monsters. I noticed that there weren't too many of them yet, probably because they are not really aware of this yet, so I continued to kill all of the monsters until there is none left. 

It took a while, and I was able to kill all of the monsters. I wiped my bow clean, adjusts the strings and headed back to Camp Half-Blood. 

As soon as I am back in Camp Half-Blood, Artemis met me again, and as always, I knelt before her. 

"You have done well, Diana. Now you need rest, Diana. Go to Camp Half-Blood and get some well needed rest. I will call you next week when we next meet." 

"Yes, thank you, Milady." I said, as I stood up and I went to Hermes Cabin, and sure enough, the people are still playing Truth or Dare. Wow, they must have liked this game so much. 

I decided not to join and went to my cabin, putting my hunting knives and bows and arrows where it's supposed to be and get some needed rest, and I went to sleep. 

Dreams found me, and I found myself in Tartarus. It was a hellish place, and I've been down there about 4 times, and it's really a place where I don't want to be, because that place kills me slowly, makes me suffer a very horrible painful death. I take a good look at the landscape, and found out that most of the monsters that I have killed are already regrouping at the doors of death. There are lots of monsters, and I could see them entering the doors about 100 at a time. 

This really sucks. By tomorrow, we will have lots of monsters to fight, and there will be an all-out war.  

I woke up, and I was still in my cabin, wearing my hunters clothes. I took a bath and got out of the camp, and just then, Artemis was waiting for me, and the thing that I didn't really expect is that Artemis was glaring at me. 

"Looks like you have released the monsters that you have killed, Diana." Artemis said. 

I was shocked. I was only dreaming about in Tartarus that the doors of death was being used by the monsters! There's no way I would be able to release the monsters from Tartarus!

My eyes widened. "No Milady! I did not release the monsters! I didn't even know how to!" 

"That's another lie you told me, Diana." Artemis sounded stern, and she grabbed my arm. 

I tried to writh around her grasp, but her grasp is too strong for me. "I never lied! I swear I don't know how the monsters got hold of the doors of death!" 

"Maybe this will refresh your memory." Artemis said, as she teleported me to Olympus as she threw me down in front of the other Gods. I stood up, and looked around Olympus. There's some pool filled with sea water that I could tell it's hypersaline and it's about -30 degrees celsius and it's 100 feet deep (There's a thermometer and a ruler in the pool). There's even large patches of mud which I haven't seen the last time I got on Olympus. There's even a place where there's wet sand. Some ropes are shown hanging from the ceiling and they are made from hyperstrong materials. Ever since that training with Artemis, I was able to break through thick Hephaestian materials, and so the Gods needed a new material to contain me. There's even a bunch of whips at the arsenal of the Gods, and some of them were attached with barb-wires, which can make you bleed. 

"Hmm.... looks like you have caught the offender, Artemis...." Athena said. "Well, we shall decide what we should do with Diana." 

"Perhaps we can whip her?" Demeter suggested. 

"No, that's too old." Athena said. "We need something to make her never forget this moment." 

"I got it!" Zeus said. "How about Diana fight Artemis for 10 minutes, and if she can not defeat Artemis within that time limit, she will be whipped for 10 minutes, and fight Artemis again for 20 minutes and if she cannot defeat Artemis within 20 minues, Diana will be whipped for 20 minutes and dipped in the cold hypersaline water for 2 minutes and so on and so forth. Well, we Gods will be taking turns fighting Diana, starting from Artemis, then Demeter, then Athena, then Poseidon, then Aphrodite, then Nyx, then Lyssa (Goddess of Insanity), and back again to Artemis. That is, when the Gods are in their 100 feet form." 

My eyes widened. This is not right! This is murder! 

"NOO!! This is not fair! I can't fight Gods this much! This is so unfair!" I yelled. 

"Fair has no role in this Diana. You have caused the monsters to come back to the upper world, and now you will pay the consequences." Artemis said. 

"On the bright side." Zeus said. "If you manage to beat any of the Gods, just one of the Gods, you will be set free."

Hmm... Just beat one of the Gods and I will be set free... Perhaps Demeter would do, but I doubt that Demeter would take it easy on me this time. "No, please! Don't do this!" I pleaded. "This is so unfair!" 

"No more complaining!" Artemis snarled. "Time to fight!" Artemis said, as my eyes widened as Artemis grows to 100 feet tall. 

"Now...." Artemis waved her hands, and both of the ropes from above lashed towards me from above the ceiling 200 feet above, and I panic-jumped to the right, barely avoiding the attack. Artemis looked like she had already anticipated this move as she quickly slammed me with her right hand. 

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I screamed in pain, as the sudden blow made my body scream in pain, and I sliced Artemis's middle finger and Artemis lets go of me, and then power-jumped away from Artemis, and then nocked 4 arrows straight at Artemis's chest. I saw 2 of the arrows hit Artemis's abdominal cavity, but that didn't make Artemis wince. She drew her hunting knives and walked towards me and with such speeds, she brought her hunting knife just where I was standing before, and I would have been sliced into two if I hadn't power-jumped back. But it turns out that was only a feint strike as Artemis back-handed me in mid-air and I slammed hard into the reinforced concrete wall 200 feet away. "AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, as I tried my best to recover, and I took a deep breath as I charged at Artemis again. Artemis waved her hands again, but this time I didn't see the ropes from the ceiling lash onto me. I moved a little too late as when I was about to dodge, the ropes had already caught both of my hands and legs and starts squeezing hard. 

"UGH!!!!! LET ME GO!!!" I complained. "THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!" 

Artemis waved her hand, and then I was brought to the freezing water. I have to be honest that this water is incredibly cold, and it would have been frozen if the water doesn't have any salts mixed in it. I took a deep breath as I am brought down to the pool. I kicked and punched and struggled and thrashed against the bonds which just got tighter the more I fought. Usually, I was able to fight in very cold conditions, but that was above water. Below water, things get cold really fast. I started to lose my ability to power-do anything that I usually able to do, and after about 30 minutes, I started feeling dizzy. It took about 2 minutes until the ropes brought me up again and I was gasping and coughing on the ground as I struggled to get up but I wasn't able to stand up properly because my body was so cold right now. I glared at Artemis, as she grabbed my wrists and I writhed around weakly. But in a matter of minutes, I was fine again, and I found myself standing face-to-face with Artemis, on a pillar. 

"Diana, looks like this isn't the day for you." Artemis said, as she grabbed me and started crushing me in her hand. 

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. I used my entire body's muscles to prevent myself from being crushed by Artemis and after 1 minute, I was able to break free and stabbed Artemis's Arteria Ulnaris and that effectively made Artemis let me go. But sadly, it was 10 minutes, and as the bell rings, I managed to fire a heavy arrow at Artemis's cavum thoracis, and Artemis stumbled back, but now she's more aggresive than ever. I was about to power-jump when Artemis grabbed me with her right hand and tied my hands and legs. 

"Well, looks like Diana is not able to beat Artemis this time." Zeus said. "Now time for Diana's whipping. Whoever makes Diana bleed the most will win." 

My eyes widened. "NO! You can't do this! This is murder! I don't like you!!" 

"Whatever...." Artemis said, as she picked large barb-wire whips and threw the whip at me. 

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed in pain as the whip lashed at me. The whip pierced through my abdominal cavity and when the whip was taken off, I can tell it's about 2-3 centimeters deep whip that they have given me, and I was bleeding. Just then, Artemis threw more and more barb-wire whips at me. 

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The pain was excruciating as I writhed around in pain, trying desperately to break the material. I have tears in my eyes, and I was crying. I could feel that the more whip they threw at me, the more messed up my body is going to be, and the less capable I am going to be when fighting against other Gods. 

"AHHHHH!!!! HARNH!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! AGH!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!  AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" I continued to scream in pain as more barb-wire whips tore through my skin, flesh, muscles and grazed my bones, which hurt so much. Artemis continued to whip me mercilessly and when at 10 minutes, my body is a mess. I was bleeding a lot, and my skin, flesh and muscles were torn. I was on my knees, shaking and shivering as I coughed out blood. I looked at the bow in front of me, and I grabbed it, and I was surprised that I was still able to carry my bow. 

"Now, it's Demeter's turn." Zeus said. "And don't worry. Diana has been greatly weakened so you can toy with her. Demeter, you will be in 150 feet form this time" 

"Yeah, with pleasure..." Demeter said. 

I coughed out blood, and looked at the form of 150 feet tall Demeter. I coughed and clutched my abdominal cavity, as most of my flesh and muscles were torn there, and then I limply charged at Demeter. Demeter looks like she was anticipating this, and she sidestepped as soon as I got close and Demeter's knife appears at her right hand, as she brought it down to stab me. I managed to move backwards, still clutching my stomach in pain, and then I was able to stab Demeter's hand, and Demeter winces in pain, before she steps on me. I managed to put my hands above to support Demeter's weight, but I noticed that the blood is flowing faster from my abdomen, so after 5 seconds, I managed a power-push before rolling to the sides, and then I coughed out blood. I saw Demeter waving her hands, and just then, a couple of vines sprouts from the ground and I power-jumped just in time to avoid the vines from grabbing me, but that was my biggest mistake, again. Another vine sprouted towards me in lightning speed and pierces through my abdomen. I screamed in pain, and as quickly, I pulled it out. I noticed that I had been injected with something, because the part of the abdomen that it just pierced me had green liquid in it. I got down again, and is on my fighting stance and charges Demeter, but as I got near Demeter, I collapsed to the ground, felt my whole body coursing in pain as I clutched my head, and twitching and convulsing in pain. Not only that, I felt like my body is about to explode, and I was crying tears of blood and coughed blood. There's something not normal with that green liquid. 

"That was my plant poison. I call it Dolore Magna. It's great, isn't it? Just a small amount of it can make you paralyzed." 

I gritted my teeth, but I was still twitching and crying tears of blood, and I was glaring at Demeter as Demeter looked at me contently. 

"You see Diana, you cannot beat us Gods. It is better if you admit defeat and face your punishment rather than this pointless fighting." 

I gritted my teeth more. "NO!! I...... Am...... Inno-c-c-c-cent!!" 

"Well, if that is your choice...." Demeter said, and Demeter waved her hand, and I writhed in pain again and I coughed blood, but this time a lot more. I clutched my head as Demeter towered over me and a whip appears in her hands. 

"Well look at that...." Demeter said, while kneeling down to get a closer look at me, as I convulsed in pain as blood coming from my eyes as I clutched my head tightly. "I have to say that you are a persistent one, but you will continue to suffer, until you admit your mistake, or until the 20 minute time is up." 

I felt helpless and at the mercy of the Gods. I can't imagine the full extent that they are going to torture me, because I know it will be horrible. 

I managed to stand up, trying to ignore the convulsing pain and the twitching pain as I shakily got up, and slowly I managed to grab my hunting knives. 

Demeter mockingly clapped her hands. "You know, this is one of the bravest mortal to ever stand up against the Gods like this."

"Of course she has!" Artemis said from the back. "Don't you remember she's this loyal huntress of mine? But unfortunately she has turned bad, and that's why we have to punish her."

"Right...." Demeter said, and just then, the bell rang, and that shocked me to reality as I fought Demeter, but Demeter grabbed me and tied my hands and legs and put me in display, and the worst of all, Demeter even stripped me of my clothes, ripping my clothes apart so my whole body will be seen by the Gods. 

"Now..." Zeus said, as he eyed on me. "Whipping time for 30 minutes!" Zeus said. "This time, all the Gods should join

I glared at Zeus, and I looked around, the Gods are having whips in their hands. Some barb-wire whips, and some are cat-o-nine tails, and some are made from Stygian Iron, which will hurt me the most. Stygian irons sever the soul from the body, but for me, they cause immense pain and nausea. Just one cut from stygian iron is like getting poisoned by 1000 different poisons. 

Suddenly, the Gods waved their hands and whips appeared in their hands. But Demeter did not make the whip appear in her hands. Instead, she has a large corn and a large seed the size of a papaya. It's large, and I'm sure that Demeter is going to skip the whipping for this round. 

Just then, Artemis came to deliver the first whip. 

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed in pain, and convulses in pain. What is worse than being whipped is being whipped while I am bleeding. It's really painful, and this time they seemed to focus on my thorax, and so I needed to protect my thorax because there's my vital organs located there. The other Gods started whipping me, and then I screamed in pain, as their whips caused me in intense pain. 

Just then, the whipping stopped after about 2 minutes, and Zeus picked the stygian iron whip. "I always wanted to know what happens if the stygian iron whip is applied to a person." Zeus said. 

"NO! NO please!" I pleaded. "Not that! Please I beg you!!" 

"Aww, would you look at that..." Demeter said, as she smirked at Artemis. "Your huntress does have limits." 

"Yes, and I'm planning to push her limits even more." Artemis said, as she looked at Zeus. "Just once. I want to see her cry in pain first." 

Zeus nodded, and threw me the stygian iron whip at me. It hit my right shoulder, but immediately pain coursed through every inch of my body. 

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and cried in pain. It was a feeling that I will never be able to forget, getting whipped by stygian iron is much more painful than getting whipped by any other metals. I cried from pain and my whole body convulses and shakes in pain. I turned and twisted and curled into a ball and trembled and did all of the possible moves that my body can do in response to the stygian iron whip. 

"How about we insert something into her rectum?" Demeter suggested. "Or inside her uterus?" 

My eyes widened as I heard that, and I thrashed around more violently, but the ropes binding me are made from hyperstrong material, and as the rope started to break, they just repaired themselves. 

"Yeah, that could do." Artemis said. "Demeter, you may do it." 

I thrashed even more around, and Demeter grabbed my body and held me in place, as she held what looks like a large corn, and inserted it into my rectum. 

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!" I tried my best to push the large corn out of my rectum but Demeter kept pushing it until it was inside my rectum. 

"Now...." Demeter said, as she waved her hand, and my rectum exploded in excruciating pain, and I tried my best to get it out of my system, but to no avail. I pushed hard to get the corn out but to no avail. 

"That must've hurt." Poseidon said. 

"Yeah. And guess what? She will be fighting you next." Demeter said. 

"Nice..... I can't wait to fight her next. I will make her suffocate." Poseidon said. "Wait... how about you fight her again? I want to see what other things you can dish out."

Then the Gods started whipping me again, as I screamed in pain. After 30 minutes is done, I was released from the ropes and I forced the corn out of my rectum with pain and agony and I cried in pain. 

Just then, Demeter grew even larger, and I was weaker than ever. I was bleeding quite heavily, and I gritted my teeth, even more determined to take Demeter down now. 

Demeter simply waved her hands, and just then, around Olympus, flowers began to grow, and they're twice my size. I looked at them with eyes wide and then the flowers started spitting this brown mud at me. I managed to dodge them, but one caught me in the chest, and I was thrown backwards. I noticed the brown mud is the same mud as the earth, but they have very high viscosity, and with the number of flowers as of now, it's more than enough to bury me alive. 

Anyways, I keep dodging the brown mud, and managed to do so while firing arrows at Demeter. I was so focused on fighting Demeter that I didn't realize that a vine was right in front of me. I tripped, and then the flowers spit the thick brown mud beside me, making a large mound around me, and as I was about to get up, another flower spit brown mud and pinned me down, and I was buried within the mud. 

I cannot breathe, I cannot see, and worst of all, I am trapped here, with no means of escape. 

Third Person's P.O.V

So Diana has been buried alive, and she must conserve her energy to do so. Movements were detected below the mud, and it was left there for now. 

"Diana has been buried alive for now." Demeter said. "She will suffer slowly." 

"Do not underestimate Diana, Demeter." Artemis said. "I have once buried her to prove her loyalty, and she is using this anaerobic respiration to sustain her living." 

Diana's P.O.V

It's suffocating in here, and moving seems impossible. I felt the earth started to go into my nose, mouth, rectum, and ears. I felt like I want to throw up, but I can't breathe, and I keep squirming around until I realized that it's hopeless now and I drifted to unconsciousness, in an anaerobic state to sustain energy in a little to no oxygen state.  

Third Person's P.O.V

"There's something that I would like to try." Demeter said. "What if some of the mud moved inside Diana's orifice? I really want Diana to suffer so bad."

"Yeah, that would be nice." Artemis said. "Torture her even more, and she will eventually reach her breaking point." 

"Very well" Demeter said, as she waved her hand, and the mud began to move around. 

After what it seemed about 3 minutes, Demeter waved her hand and the mud dissolved, leaving Diana coughing and gasping.

Diana's P.O.V

I writhed in pain as I felt the mud is forced into my insides, my nose, mouth, rectum, and others really deep. This is so very wrong, as I felt them forced even further into my body. I felt like my body is about to explode when the brown mud suddenly disintegrated. I coughed and threw up brown mud on the floor in front of the Gods, I also forced the mud from my rectum out, and other orifices. 

"That......" I coughed, glaring at the Gods. "Is not fair!"  

"Next, is Aphrodite!" Zeus said, as Aphrodite just finished sharpening her weapons. "Aphrodite here will not give you mercy, Diana. It's better if you just admit that you're guilty." 

"No, I know I'm innocent! I'm telling the truth! Please believe me!" I pleaded. 

"Suit yourself." Zeus said, and as the bell rang, Aphrodite grew to 150 feet, and I sighed as I fired 3 explosive arrows at Aphrodite. Aphrodite just swatted them away, and she made a grab of me, but I managed to squirm out of her grasp, and suddenly I fell to my knees. My bleeding is too much, and I felt something accumulating in my breasts. As I watched, my breasts began to bleed, and it continued to do so. 

"What.... what's happening?" I asked. 

"Aphrodite has used breast-bleeding technique here." Zeus said. "Your breast will bleed until this round is over, or you are dead." 

I cringed in more pain. I can't believe what Zeus is saying. The more I stay here, the more pain I am going to endure. But just then Aphrodite waved her hand and I stopped bleeding. Wow, how kind. 

"I have been very generous to you, Diana. Well, if you can't beat me in this form..... Demeter will have a nasty punishment for you" Aphrodite said, 

My eyes widened. I don't want the moist mud forced into my insides again. I have to fight this one, and make sure that I win this time, 

I gritted my teeth, glaring at Aphrodite, and charged at her. Even though I'm still recovering, I'm still very strong and agile. Aphrodite threw her spear at me, and I dodged and lunged at her abdomen and stabbed her stomach. 

To my surprise, Aphrodite was about to dodge, and when I stabbed her in the abdomen, she writhed in pain. Wow, looks like this round is going to be an easy round. 

I ran around Aphrodite, stabbing vital areas. The armpit, the processus xiphoideus, the jugular vein, both carotid arteries, and just before I can finish Aphrodite off with a stab to the heart, ropes lashed from above and wrapped around my arm and waist and yanked me to above. 

"HEY!!! I'm..... not....." 

"Listen to us, Diana." Artemis said. "Aphrodite here has been defeated, and so you may leave, after Demeter here is done with you." 

"HEY!!! You said I'm free now! Be true to your words!" 

Demeter grinned, and she waved her hand and I was surrounded with a square wall of earth, about 800 meters square, with the walls 15 meters high, but I was still able to see Demeter.

Demeter waved her hands, and the flower from before appears, and there are 4 of them, this time with a very large pouch, about 8 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 4 meters tall. I could tell it's full of mud because of its bulging pouches. 

I looked at the flowers wide-eyed, then glared at Demeter. "Don't even think about it!" 

"Wow, that just gave us more reason to torture Diana here." Demeter said. "Now...."

But I was faster. I power-sprinted towards Demeter, and one of the plants spit the large barrage of mud at me, but I dodged it and managed to get to the flower as it reloaded. Just then, the second plant fired its barrage at me, but I jumped out of the way safely, and when the barrage hit, it hit the plant next to it. I was expecting that plant to disintegrate, but it did not. All it does it make the plant multiply, and soon they were aiming at me. I was dodging left and right to dodge the mud shots. I continued to sprint, as the wall of earth appeared to get sucked into the flower shooters. I saw an exit, and I foolishly bolted into the exit. That's precisely what Demeter wanted, and so I was running, but then I saw the mud behind me, and as I tried to power jump, it's too late. The mud caught me, and I was thrown forwards.

Fortunately, the mud didn't cover my entire body, but within seconds, the mud were on top of me again, and this time, it's more. 

Third Person's P.O.V

Diana has been trapped again. And Demeter is laughing aloud, since she wants to force the mud to her insides even more. 

Demeter chuckled "Ready?"

All of the Gods nodded. Demeter waved her hands and shows what is happening to Diana at the moment.

With that, Demeter waved her hands, and the mud around Diana began to move around.

  • after 5 minutes*

"That's fantastic." Zeus said. "We should let her out now."

Diana's P.O.V

I was struggling to escape, when suddenly the mud around me began to force themselves into my insides. I writhed in pain, trying my best to block the mud entry to my insides. I felt them entering my throat, nose, stomach, rectum, even the large intestines through the rectum, ears, eyes, and other orifices. It was worse than last time. I was forced to hold this many mud inside my body, and I felt like I'm about to explode from all this pressure. 

Just then, I heard a snap, and mud around me dissolved, but not the mud that were on my insides. I first blew out of my nose, and large amounts of mud had been displaced. Then I picked the mud with my hands for the mouth, then vomited as violently as I can to get rid of the mud. I feel that's about 3 kilograms of mud that had been forced into my stomach, and I also got the mud out of the rectum, while pushing hard. It was so hard to get it out, that I literally cried in pain, because the pain gets unbearable within minutes, and with me cannot get it out, it's becoming a torture. 

After 10 minutes of trying, finally I was able to get the mud out of my rectum, with the cost of me screaming in pain so much. I looked at the size of the mud, and it's actually the size of a football. No wonder it took a long time. 

"Diana." Artemis said. "We know you're innocent....."

What?? I couldn't believe what Artemis is saying. All this time Artemis knew I was innocent? And yet she dares to accuse me of this? 

"....But we need to test you to see how loyal you are to us. And you've proven yourself that you have been loyal."  Artemis said, as she waved her hand and I was wearing skin-tight hunter outfit again.

"Wait a minute....." I said. "So all of these are tests for me? To get beat up, and...... and face the tortures? I...." I walked away from the throne room, into the elevator, power-sprinted towards the camp, and went to Artemis's cabin. I then sat there and screamed in rage, as I couldn't believe what Artemis had actually done to me. Testing me in battle is fine, but testing me, accusing me, torturing me like that is not okay. I literally ripped my clothes apart as I screamed, slowly resenting that I had allowed the Gods to live throughout the years, as rebellions have occured throughout the thousands of years that I lived. 

After a couple of hours of resentment, I trained some flexibility by contorting my body to touch my nose with my legs. My legs actually go a good 50 centimeters ahead of my head, and then I changed posture, putting my head between my legs and bending my legs the other way to stretch my legs. After 30 minutes of contortion session, I picked a skin-tight hunter outfit and put them on, and walked outside. 

I wandered into the big house, and still, Connor, Travis, Clarisse, Silena, Piper, Grover, and Nico is still playing Truth or Dare. Or they might have started a new game because they are wearing all of their clothes. 

Travis looked at me and gasped. "Diana!" 

"Yeah, I'm here." I said. 

"Wanna play Truth or Dare?" Travis asked. "We're just getting started."

"Yeah, sure." I said, as I sat down.

"Well, same rule like last time." Connor said. "Everytime you refuse a dare, you have to strip. If you're down to your last.... then we have to give a punishment."

Crap. I'm only wearing my skin-tight hunter outfit. This is going to be tough. 

"Now, first up." Connor said, as he is looking at me and gave me a smirk. "Diana, truth or dare?" 

"Dare." I said. 

"Alright, I dare you to kill someone in this room. Though not me or Travis." Connor said. 

"Wow, I can't do that." I said. "Didn't you agree not to have dares such as killing and stuff?" 

"Noted. We won't do that next time. But you have to strip now because you refused that dare." Connor said. 

"Alright." I said, as I took off my skin-tight hunter clothes off, but unfortunately the clothes goes all the way from the torso, to the lower extremities, so I was literally completely naked. But from the thousands of years of exposure, I was alright with it. I just sat there, waiting for my turn.

"My turn." I said, as I scanned the crowd staring at me with full of awe. But after a while they sat back again. 

"Grover, truth or dare?" I asked.

Grover is blushing, I could tell, before he said. "Truth."

"What's on your mind right now?" I asked.

"Umm..... uhh...." Grover said, as he took his shirt off, revealing his undershirt. 

"Wonderful." I said. "Your turn, Grover." 

"Uhh...." Grover looked around, but I can tell he is distracted. Just then, someone came, and this time it's someone I knew for quite a long time for now. His name is Josh, the same as Josh McLean, but this Josh is an aeromancer, the master of the skies some say, because he masters the use of his air powers. I helped him a couple of times, and he sort of owes me favors he couldn't himself repay because I helped him get out of Tartarus alive through the doors of death and he was bedridden for like 5 days before he recovers. 

He looked at all of us and gasped. "Why are you all naked?" He asked. 

"We were playing strip truth or dare. Care to join?" Connor asked. 

"Umm.... I'll just watch." Josh said. 

After that, we continued to play strip truth or dare for about 20 minutes, and after that, we put on our clothes back, and then I went back to my cabin. I felt discomfort with the very tight hunter clothes, so I decided to take it off and put it in the wardrobe, and so I was literally completely naked. I went to my routine schedule, training very very hard on the training arena, this time with absolute freedom of movement, since I don't have to worry about my clothes ripping due to immensely fast moves and such.

It was the first time that I felt really free from any clothes restraints, because clothes like skin-tight clothes always hinder some of my movements, and it really took me more effort to move in a certain direction. But with no clothes, I am really free, such as I can move in a more diverse maneuvers. 

I wonder why it took so long for me to realize this, but anyways I can't do this outside of camp, so I decided to stay on the camp for now. I stayed on Artemis's Cabin, working out on the pushups and pullups while having a 2 tons of weight strapped to my back (pushup) and attached to my legs (pullup). 

I'm just waiting for my next quest (Not from Artemis, she obviously tortured me a few moments ago and I have scars to prove it. Forget it, I'm not going on a quest from her, not this millenia anyways), and until then, I will be training very hard in this camp. 

After a while, I got bored, and decided to go to the big house, and to my surprise, they are still playing this truth or dare game, but it looks like they changed the rules. 

Josh looked at me. "Hey, care to join? We've changed the rules. Whoever refuses a truth or a dare gets their nipples pulled very hard by the one who asked them for 30 seconds."

"Nah..." I shrugged, then I went back to my cabin, and wore my clothes. I can't believe the Gods did this to me... testing me to my limits just to see how I would react. I mean, if the Gods are put into unfair trial like that, how would they react? Would they react the same as I do? I always knew that the Gods are punishing the mortals because they think they are at the top of the law, where none of the law exists. One day, I will have to prove them wrong, one day...

That day apparently is today.

Suddenly I heard a whisper from the distance, calling my name "Diana....." It really sounds like a very faint whisper, as if calling me to her side, a soothing whisper. I took my bow and arrows and followed the faint whisper.


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