Third Person's P.O.V

What would you do if you have to go on a quest, knowing that you're going to lose your humanity, the thing that keeps you being human. If you are loyal to someone, how far will you go to stay loyal to your master/mistress? Will you go so far to the point you lose your humanity? Well, there is one Hunter of Artemis that wants to go as far to lose her humanity in order to serve Artemis her entire life. She is even willing to do a job that is even tasked for the Gods, and Artemis began to get spoiled, and the olympian Gods began to get spoiled as she does the bidding for them.

Diana's P.O.V

It was a daily routine in my life. I've recently got back from getting an apple of Hesperides from the garden of Hesperides. It was really easy, but I did get scratched in the back in the process, but my body was able to fight off the poison very quickly, and within seconds, I was fine once again.

Anyways, I was travelling with the hunters and with Artemis. Artemis told us to track this laistrygonian giant that had attempted to gang **** one of the hunters, and we ended up in this spot.

"I sense the giants are in this area somewhere." I told Artemis.

Artemis nodded. "Then let's spread out."

We spread out, and I spotted a group of giants talking to each other.

"Man, we're just this close to having her!" One of them said.

"It's your fault, man! Why did you let her go?" The second one said.

"It's because the other hunters are coming to get her! Do you want to get your arse killed?"

Looks like I've got the laistrygonian giants that tried to **** one of the hunters. I looked as the other giants gathered on the first and second one.

"What are you doing here, man? I though we're going to go right now! We can't risk to be taken out by the other hunters!"

I knew that the giants here have attempted to **** that hunter, and I took immediate action and jumped out at the giants and killed 5 of them within one second. I killed all 5 of them before they could even blink and see who is attacking them.

I returned to Artemis, and I told her that I had killed the laistrygonian giants that were trying to **** her.

"Anyways Diana, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you come to Olympus with me?"

My eyes beamed. It's been a while since I've seen Olympus. Of course I want to come to Olympus with her. Although I'm fired up for more quests.

"Yes, Milady. Will there be anymore quests for me?" I asked Artemis.

"There will be, Diana. After you come with me to Olympus." Artemis told me.

I ran with Artemis, and in about 30 minutes, we reached Olympus.

Olympus was huge as usual, and apparently, the gods are busy, and so they're not in the throne room. Artemis sat in her throne.

"Diana, you've served so well as a hunter!" Artemis grew to 30 feet tall as she patted me on the head.

I kept my head bowed, but I smiled.

"Now, I want to see how far are you loyal to me." Artemis said. "I've recently dropped my moon staff somewhere in Arizona, and it's lost somewhere. I want you to go get it."

"Yes, Milady." I stood up, and went down from Olympus and went straight to Arizona to get Artemis' staff. It was somewhere in Arizona, and it's a vast desert, so I have to be well prepared.

As soon as I got down from Olympus, I went straight to my quest as I already have prepared more than enough 3 days ago. I sprinted as fast as I can towards Arizona, reaching an incredible 80 kilometers an hour run, and I reached Gila Claw, Arizona after about 3 hours. As soon as 3 hours had past, I knew I was in Arizona because it's in the desert, and I was panting and exhausted since I ran for miles back then. I walked around, and turned invisible. I kept looking around for this staff of Artemis' using my hawk vision, and it took hours, but I was able to find her staff as I flickered back to visibility and headed towards Artemis' staff and grabbed it as I head back to Olympus to prove to Artemis that I have retrieved her staff.

I showed the staff to Artemis, and Artemis just took the staff as she hugged me.

"I knew that you're one loyal hunter!" Artemis said. "Now, The other gods needed help."

"Why? Can't they send their children?" I asked her.

"Their children are busy, and besides, there's not a single war for centuries and we don't want the demigods here to know that there have been more recent wars."

Artemis is right. The year now is 2675, and since the year 2300, there has not been a single war, and threats are under control, thanks to me of course.

"So, Milady. Which god needs help?" I asked her.

"Demeter." Artemis told me. Just then, Demeter came up to me.

"This new breed of monster likes to destroy plants." Demeter explained, as she bring up a projector screen and it showed some of the bushes and trees are being eaten by this monstrosity, which has a wide fang and dull teeth for chewing plants, and it has a large mouth, and this thing is even bigger than the Clazmonian Sow, and there's like 30 of them. "This has been going for months, and I want you to kill them dead."

It was a hard quest, really, but it would be better if the mortals and demigods in the outside world, the ones that are not directly involved or witnessed the monsters themselves never saw the monsters since it would add more panic to the demigods. I have to go on this quest, and take out this monster, whatever it is called.

I packed my stuff, and I'm really considering moving my locker to Olympus, because I was already called here twice in one day.

I went down Olympus and continued to look around, and I found one of them. This time, I could take a closer look at the monster. This one is really much larger than the Clazmonian Sow, and this one can easily stomp and kill plants whenever it touched some. I drew an arrow and nocked it and it went through its mouth and the monster snarled at me. I waited for the monster to get close as it spew saliva that destroyed the nearby vegetation. I decided to fire another arrow rather than waiting for the monster to get close to me so I won't have to get hit by its acidic saliva.

So I continued to hunt for that monstrosity, and it took me 2-3 days until I was finally able to kill off all species of that monster. After that, I sprinted about 300 miles towards Olympus.

I returned to Olympus at Artemis' request and then as soon as I arrived there, I immediately knelt in front of Artemis.

"That was impressive, Diana!" Artemis said. "The mortals and demigods won't even question why the food supply is back up again!"

"Now, may I get some rest?" I asked Artemis, breathing heavily from running so far.

"I'm afraid no, Diana. Sorry." Artemis said. "I've got another quest for you. This time, it's regular routine check to the Underworld."

"Don't tell me that Hades had stopped keeping the titans in check in Tartarus..." I said.

"Unfortunately..... that's precisely what Hades is doing. He has stopped checking the titans in the depths of Tartarus."

I shook my head. Why are the gods are so spoiled these days? It's been the 10th time this year I've been sent to the underworld, and last time when I go to Tartarus, it didn't go so well. I was almost overpowered by the monsters in Tartarus because I wasn't preparing myself well, but I was able to defeat most of the monsters down there.

"Any idea why Hades suddenly stopped sending his minions to check on Tartarus?" I asked her. "Or why he stopped checking Tartarus?"

"That's what I want you to find out, Diana. Now go! I will be here waiting." Artemis said.

I nodded, stood up, and went to the lift and as the lift takes me down, and I immediately sprinted to the DoA's recording studios in Los Angeles. It took me 1 and a half day to reach there, and I have to pass Arizona in the process as well. I stopped for 2 times, getting meals in between (maybe others can call it a feast), and after 1 and a half day, I reached DoA's recording studios. As usual, bribes for Charon is easy to manage because he keeps wanting to buy that italian tux shirt, which he thinks it's really nice to wear. 

As he scooped up the money, he took me and the souls down to the underworld. I noticed the souls are actually touching me. Now the very first time I got to the underworld, when the souls are actually touching me, I would either back away or shrink in a corner, but now I'm already used to it so it doesn't bother me anymore.

As soon as I got to the underworld, I got out of the boat and walked on foot through the places in the underworld. There's Fields of Punishment, Asphodel, Elysium, Wall of Erebus made from Obsidian, Hades' castle, and of course, the entrance to Tartarus.

It was the entrance to Tartarus that I'm interested in. I went to the entrance of Tartarus and I noticed that there's some titans already at the edge of the entrance, and it's Krios, Hyperion, Theia, and Themis. 

"Ahh... A fresh hunter to kill." Krios said.

"Looks like we can start our revenge by killing this pitiful hunter." Hyperion said.

"Let's get her." Themis said, and together, they charged.

Fighting four weakened titans at once almost never occured to me. I've fought two titans at the same time in their peak strength, and I almost lost my life while doing so. But the second time I fought them at peak strength, it wasn't as hard as the first. 

I fired 4 arrows at once, and it hit their necks. The titans charged at me and Hyperion is about to smack me but I ducked and sweep him off his feet. Their bearhugged me and I delivered a swift hit on Theia's face just on my right and threw her onto Krios. I grabbed Theia and threw her into the depths of tartarus.

"You meddling hunter!" Hyperion growled. "Time to taste some light!"

With that, Hyperion glowed very bright, but I approach him very quickly and also threw him to Tartarus.

"You're not going anywhere!" Krios said as he grew 40 feet large and slammed onto the ground I was in earlier. I ran, trying to smack me like an ant. I shot an arrow at Krios and it hit his left eye and Krios covered it with his left hand as his right hand seemed to look for me. I grabbed his legs and used all of my momentum to drag him to Tartarus and carried Themis with him and I could hear him crashing onto some other titan which also screams.

I guess that's it. I am returning to Olympus now, but I am so tired that I feel like passing out and my brain is feeling dizzy. I ran straight up to the upper world, climbing the lift shafts as one of the ways to get to the upper world. I finally got back to DoA's recording studios and I was ready to pass out as soon as I ran 500 meters out, so I decided to find a nearby spot to sleep. I found one, but it's in the grass, but I'm already used to it so I decided to sleep there.

The next morning, I woke up still on the grass, and I felt more refreshed than ever. I ran towards New York City, running as fast as I can towards there, and just before I reached Camp Half-Blood, Artemis again appeared beside me.  By then, I was already panting heavily.

"Well done, Diana! Tell me what happened." Artemis said.

And so I told her about what happened down there, how 4 titans have managed to escape Tartarus, and Hades had no idea that the titans had escaped, and I have to face all 4 of them alone.

"That's very brave of you, my dear hunter!" Artemis said. "Now listen, you have proved so much as to show me how loyal you are to me, now I've got a task for you."

"I'm listening, Milady." I told her.

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"Now, this is a test of true loyalty. I am going to take you to the forests in Camp Half-Blood, and I'm going to bury you."

I was really surprised to hear that Artemis is going to bury me. This is just not right. I just bury myself if the environment is very hostile, but if it's Artemis' will, then I shall do it.

"For how long, Milady?" I asked.

"Just for a couple of months." Artemis said, as she took me to the middle of the forest. "If you succeed, then you've proven yourself that you are very loyal to me."

"Alright Milady." I said. Artemis continued to lead me to the spot she's talking about, and there, me and Artemis started digging a hole.

"Now, I'm sure you have anaerobic hibernation available, right?" Artemis said. "After a couple of months, I will dig you out myself."

After we dug a hole, I got inside, and smiled at Artemis. I would be loyal to you, Milady, no matter what. I thought. And then, Artemis closed the hole as I took the last deep breaths I need and then I went to anaerobic hibernation.

3 months later

It has been 3 months since I've been buried, and Artemis hasn't let me out yet. I guess she will let me out when it is time.

Artemis' P.O.V

It's about time I let Diana out. I went to the same spot where I buried Diana and dug there to free Diana. She has been down there for 3 months and I'm worried that something will happen to her. I found Diana and I embraced her in my arms. She looked dead from being buried down there for quite a long time, but I'm sure that Diana is using her anaerobic respiration thingy.

I took her to Olympus to watch for her, and continued waiting and waiting until 4 hours had past and Diana started gasping, sputtering and coughing.

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Diana's P.O.V

It was a relief to be let out and when I woke up gasping and coughing, I was already in Olympus.

"You have done well, my dear hunter! You have proven that you have an outstanding loyalty!" Artemis told me.

I smiled. "I would do anything you say, Milady."

"Alright. Now since there's nothing really happening on the outside world, I will ask you to be around here on the throne room." Artemis said, as she grew 60 feet tall.

"Milady?" I asked her. "What exactly can I help you with?"

"For now, just serve the drinks to me, and when requested, to all the gods."

I nodded, and then I ran to grab an extremely large cup filled with nectar, roughly 3 times my size but I was able to carry it on my back. Then I power jumped and delivered it to Artemis.

Artemis beamed and took the glass and started drinking the nectar from the glass. She finished it and place it on my back as if I am a glassholder.

I watched as Artemis just sat there, bored.

"Artemis?" I asked her. 

"Yes?" Artemis said.

"Can we visit the hunters?" I asked. "I really want to visit them."

"Sure." Artemis said, and I gently put the glass down from my back and safely onto the table beside Artemis' throne and followed Artemis.

I returned to the hunters, and the hunters asked what I have been doing. I asked Artemis if it is alright if I told the hunters what I've been going through and Artemis told me it's alright, so I told the hunters what I have been doing the past 4 months.

"That sounds cool! We should do that sometime!" Julia said.

"Unfortunately, the following quests are way too dangerous for you hunters, and this is no job for any random hunter." Artemis said, and she turned towards me. "Now Diana, I have another task for you. Come with me to Olympus."

I did precisely what she told me. I came to Olympus, sprinting and as soon as I get up there, I was already panting very heavily.

This time, Zeus, Demeter and Aphrodite were in the throne room, and I knelt before the gods.

"Now, our child were on a quest." Zeus said. "And they have been trapped in Mount Othrys since one of them accidentally set Atlas free. I want to you track where Atlas went and bring Atlas back to his place."

"Yes, Lord Zeus." Then I left and went immediately to California, and it took so long to get there, but I have no other methods of travelling so I was forced to go on on foot.

Atlas used to roam free and cause swathes of destruction when he is free, and I know that because I've seen him free a couple of hundred times during my life time and I have to replace him holding the sky until the group responsible freeing Atlas manages to bring Atlas back, and everytime I held the sky, I became stronger and stronger and fainted for 3 weeks everytime I held the sky. But I have to make sure that Atlas is back and make sure that none of the group is dead.

Artemis gave me a jetpack and told me that this can only be used once every day, and it can only operate for as long as 1 hour That's just crap. Next I'm going to test if this jetpack actually works.

I pushed the button beside the engine, and the engine roared to life, and within a few seconds, I was already soaring in the air. It felt really nice to actually fly in one of these, and it actually takes me to California faster than I expected. I could feel that I'm just travelling at subsonic speed, and as the engine accelerates more, I began to feel air pressure building up in my head. Perhaps this is the point where sound travels, and so I decided to put my hand in front of me to shield me from the pressure.

Anyways, after 1 hour, the plane actually drops, and I was gliding down Gila Claw, Arizona, and as I glide down, I can see Lotus Hotel and Casino, and that's one of my checkpoints in my quest. Next destination is California, San Francisco.

I went to California just by running, and I got to admit that using the jetpack is actually fun. As soon as I landed, the jetpack transformed back to my regular backpack and I wear it and I power sprinted the rest of my way towards Mount Tam. It took 5 hours, and it's incredibly exhausting, especially since I hadn't eated much earlier today. I came across a building as I sat down in the corner, exhausted.

It took me about 20 minutes to be reinvigorated, and after that, I went to a nearby restaurant.

I ordered 10 portions of 12 ounces of beefs and sure enough, the waiter looked surprised, because it's not the normal portion that people used to order. Then after waiting, the beef came, and I ate quite fast, and it took me 1 and a half hour to eat all that steak.

It was refreshing, and after I ate all of them, I payed the cashier with mortal money and left and I was in peak condition again.

It didn't take long for me to get to the mountain from where I am, since it's only 5 miles away. And sure enough, I can see the demigods taking turns holding the sky, and the one currently holding the sky seems to be a boy.