This is a fairly simple rule, with instructions. What happens when you upload a photo and there's already a photo with the same name? Simple: you rename your photo. Failure to do so results in a ban.

Uploading a photo with the same name

This is only to erase if the photo is yours. Example:

Picture example
This photo is mines, so it's okay to overwrite it. I can always re-upload it. However...

Pic example
The photo at the bottom isn't mines. Sure, the one with this blond is mines, but the other isn't.

You DON'T click "overwrite the existing photo with yours" unless the existing photo was already yours. You rename your photo.

Then, when that's done, you press insert. I doubt, highly, that there would be a page with the same name if you put your name next to the original name when you rename the photo (wow, that's a lot of names XD)


This is still under debate, but I'd say that this is the basics:

First time- Warning

Second Time- 1 day ban

Third Time- 3 Day ban

Fourth Time- 1 week ban

Yes, this is that serious.

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