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Yes, I am the Dark Abyss. Got a problem?
The Anti-Heaven
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Beginning of Time
Current age As old as Time itself
Gender Male
Family <<Insert Children here>>

Logan O'Donnell (Son)

Izumi Akahana (Daughter)

Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black/Red
Skin Color Pale
Height 6'7
Weight 150
Build Muscular
Alias The Dark Pit
Affiliation Protogenoi
Weapons N/A
Species Protogenoi
Home The Dark Pit
Appearances None
Quests None
 TARTAROS (or Tartarus) was the protogenos (primordial god) of the great stormy Tartarean pit that lay beneath the earth.


The pit was imagined as the inverse of the dome of the sky, lying beneath the flat earth. The sky-dome and Tartarean pit together enclosed the entire cosmos in an egg-shaped or spherical shell. Tartaros is the Protogenoi of the pit, keeping it tamed and making sure all of the prisioners are there. 


From those who have encountered him, they say he is a cold person, at first, but then eases up and becomes warm. He dislikes many things, and cares much for his children, even though it doesn't seem so. 


Tartaros is seen with black hair with red highlights, pale skin, and a muscular body. He wears jeans and black t-shirt, underneath a red jacket. The jacket has a black and red collar, and white fur at the top. His black t-shirt only reaches his chest, leaving his abs right open.