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Chapter 1 Maya : What's in the DarkEdit

I really wished it didn't have to come to this, but the Gods really don't give us a choice do they? I mean they let us starve most of the time because we're mistakes to mankind. Why would they even make us then? I wonder if we were just some trick experiment gone awry to them.

I stare at my prey. I don't know how this fat ass thinks she can out run me, but I'm watching her waddle down the street. She really thinks she's getting away. She pepper sprayed me then kicked me in the gut. I'm going to make sure to show her her own stomach before kill her. What idiot jogs at midnight in New York, the mugging capitol?

I grab her shoulder and sink my teeth into her. I cover her mouth and rip open her stomach. You'd think this was cannibalism, right? Wrong~! Right before her eyes close I shove her stomach in her face and suck up her blood. 

This is just the life of me, Maya Ruse, the daughter of Nyx and blessed by the Scorpio.

I leave her mangled body in the night and skip off with my pigtails rushing through behind me. What a silent night and what an interesting morning it will probably be. I continue down my trail that I always take from here and home. It's like daytime for my eyes, I can see many people down by the docks and over near the forests. They can't see me though, I'm too slick and stealth to be caught.

My fellow Onigods are either out snacking or at home. The place we call the Shadows. It's mostly because we can't have homes around normal people or the Gods will execute us. They can't do anything to us at night without being chewed out by our pets, or so we call them. I'm walking slowly mostly because I don't want to retire so early.

My fellows will not like how careless I've been lately. We're suppose to clean off at the dock after throwing our bodies in there, but I'm too lazy and care free. It's not like the authorities can catch me, I'm too fast for them. Even if they could catch me, I'd bite off their hands before they even saw it coming.

As a Scorpio I can also get really angry and ask a lot of questions. I'm really curious about everything, but I can't be in the light without being caught. I have to always be in control too. I kind of have a power of controling people, but more fierce about it then others. My anger can also make me kind of a pain to be around, once smoke came out of my ears. Austin was being an asshole.

I continue to stalk through my trail. It leads into the forest soon, so I better get a good look at civilization before I wrap up for the night. I have to wait until the next time darkness arrives, but I never actually get to see monuments or tourists. I wish I could see what the sun looks like with my own eyes. It's been quite a number of years though. 

I look down at a couple sitting on a park bench right at the line of the forest. Is everyone stupid? It would be so easy for me to just come up behind them and end their love lifes. I sigh and think that even if I did that, if they really love eachother, they'll be rejoined in the hereafter. But love is stupid. Love isn't even real. Everything I use to love is dead and I don't love anything now, but that seems to make people like me more. I glare at their hands together and pounce on them. I always like a little dessert after a meal.

~You will remember my name~ 19:51, August 28, 2013 (UTC) 

Chapter 2 Soren : The HunterEdit

My blade slipped cleanly out of his chest. Yet another vampire dead.

"So much blood..." I half-whined, as I would have to clean up again... I yawned, and rubbed my eye. "Damn... What time is it...?" I looked at the clock tower nearby. It read "2:36". In the morning. I sighed.

"Where're all these godforsaken vampires coming from, anyhow?" Shaking my head, I swung my blade at the vampire's throat, beheading it, and ending its miserable existence.

"Strange..." I thought. "... These vampires are surprisingly powerful and... Humanlike..." That last thought disturbed me more than anything. Why did these vampires appear so humanlike? Moreover, why did they have powers like demigods. I looked at the carcass at my feet. He once wielded the wild element of Fire. He couldn't use it well at all though. I was able to deflect it all with ease.

Still, normal vampires don't have these elemental powers. Do they? What if... What if maybe these "vampires" were once demigods, like myself? Am I in danger? No. No. I'm the most powerful demigod here at Camp Asgard.

I start walking through the woods, back to camp. Around me, the bodies of deceased trolls littered the forest. Charred black was their skin, still black and boiling. How long did my fight with him take? Before I could think about that, my eyes were drawn to two red dots in the darkness. I brandished my two blades, and got into a battle stance.

"Another, huh? Bring it!" I charged at the being, prepared for battle.

Chapter 3 Takeshi: Let me nap in peace!Edit

I lay down on the couch in the hideout, hand in my hair. What the hell was I even doing right now? All around, there's practically chaos. Well, at least, in my definition.

C-Page 32. Cavern. Takeshi Dictionary © 2013 Chaos- When everyone is annoying the hell out of me.

Lucin was jumping back and forth, throwing punches at an imaginary punching bag. "Ya sure you don't want to work out with me, Austin?" He asked the blond.

I'll give you all a short introduction right now. Me? I'm Takeshi. Son of Amun. I represent Sagittarius. I have white hair and cerulean blue eyes.

The idiot, Lucin, is a son of Nyx. The "normal" one in his cabin, he says. I doubt it. You can't get him to sit down even if he had 12 cups of coffee. He has black hair and red eyes, and every so often, he feels the need to go out, so he dyes his hair brown, and puts on contact. If you haven't guessed yet, he represents Aires.

"Nah, I'm good." Austin said, watching Lucin in amusement. Austin is an incubus, the son of Lucifer himself, and he represents Cancer. Which is odd, because you expect him to be mean and shit, but he's all friendly and stuff.

I groan loudly, so I know they can hear. "Shut. Up." I growl out, pulling a pillow on my face. Damn, I want to suffocate myself. I wish I could.

"Oh come on," Lucin complains. "Get up. You know you wanna~."

"No I don't," I respond codly. "Wait. No. I want to stick a knife in your eye and watch you writhe in pain."

"I dare you to say it to my face!" Lucin yells defensively. At this point, Austin stands up, blocking Lucin.

"Calm down," he says. "we don't need to fight."

"No, if he wants, let him fight. If he's man enough." I challenge, sitting up, smirking. Lucin growls at me.

Let me clear this up. Back when we were blessed, I did some studying on Zodiacs. Actually, a lot. Firstly, there's 12. So only 12 of us got blessed. If I knew who the others were, I wouldn't care. Secondly, each Zodiac sign is divided into an element, class, and rank. Aires is first, which makes Lucin act like a baby. Sagittarius is the ninth, so I act way more mature. Aires, Sagittarius, and Leo are "Fire signs". That means we are "enthusiastic, drive to express ourselves, and faithful". Aires is in the Cardinal class, which mean they are based on action. Leo is in Fixed, which means they have great willpower and resistant to change. And Sagittarius is in Mutuable, which means we have adaptability.

So far, you've learned a ton about the fire signs, right? Wrong. We have secrets no one else knows. Those will be revealed later.

Anyway, so Aires is Fixed, based on action. Lucin is Aires. So naturally, he got angry. Lucin pushed Austin out of the way, and threw a fist at me. However, Sagittarius is a mutable sign; we adapt fast. I grabbed his first before it hit me, and began to twist it.

"If you want to screw with me, make sure you're strong enough to do it." I haven't been an Onigod for a while- I lie. 3 years. Since...he died. I've been practicing my strengths and weaknesses, using my brain, unlike Rammy over here, who acts before th inking. While Lucin glares at me, joined half-heartedly by Austin, I just watch them, smirking. Austin is strong, I give him that. But is he strong enough to beat me? Not even close. Unless he threw all 47 of our fights for whatever reason. Lucin grumbled out a "Fine...", and I let go of him. Cracking my knuckles, I taunted, "You don't put up anything near a good fight." I could see Lucin was trying to fight himself, to calm himself down, but Aires tend to have a hard time doing that. When they're angry they stay angry for a while. One time, Lucin had to count to 100 to calm down even a little.

"Takeshi, stop." Austin said. I flicked him the finger, and laid back down. Bastards should've never bothered me.

"Where are the others?" I hear Lucin ask Austin.

"Feeding." Right. The others. There are two. Maya, Lucin's sister, and Scarlet. Maya represents Scorpio, and Scarlet Pisces. Crazy bitches, pardon my France (if you're cool enough to know what I meant). Maya's been reckless lately. Very reckless. And in my opinion, she'll get us killed soon.

Wait, "she'll get us killed soon"? Correction- she'll get herself killed soon. She isn't dragging me down to hell with her. Even if Austin is coming along.

Scarlet dares to go out into the light. She has a bad case of Dual Personality Disorder. I don't really know what to say about her. I don't speak to her much. She's just one crazy bitch.

"Good riddance." I grumbled. As if we need them. I can hear Austin sigh, along with Lucin, but I suspect that it isn't because of what I said.

"I'll go get Maya." Lucin said. Poor guy. It's not his fault his sister is crazy. He doesn't seem to like that much, but that's why he tries to keep away from her. Keyword: tries. She won't leave him alone for 10 minutes. Assuming she's out feeding.

"Takeshi. Go get Scarlet." Austin commanded.

"I'm napping." I snap at him, waiting for his reply. But he calmly says, again, "Takeshi. Go get Scarlet." What. The. Heaven. (As Austin says). But why the hell would he send me to get her?

"Go get her yourself." I growl out.

"I'm busy."

"Doing what?!"

"None of your business."

"Well I'm busy napping."

"No you aren't. You're still awake."

"Well leave me the hell alone and I'll go to sleep." I growl out, throwing a pillow over my head. When will he just shutup?

I hear Austin sigh. "Fine," he says. "I'll get her." Good luck with that, I think. He can go ahead do that. As long as I get my unneeded nap, I'll be fine

Chapter 4: Scarlet-Doll CollectionEdit

I stood at the bottom of the stairs of my basement, the light was flickering and the only window was boarded up. I held a long, large butcher knife in my hand and was wearing my favorite nurse outfit.

I heard a muffled scream and flipped on the light, another light bulb flickered on and dimmly lit up the basement. I looked over to a girl with her wrists wrapped in chains and she was hanging from the roof with her feet inches from the ground. She was gagged and despretly trying to get out of her bonds.

"It's no use sweetie, you're trapped here with Scarelet." I said with an evil grin and walks over to her and ran the blade along her cheek and sliced it ever so nicely. She let out a scared scream and tears streaming down her face.

"You want to cry? Scream? Let it all out? No can will hear you and no one will rescue you, you'll join my nice little collection of dolls. You'll get to be Queen Elizabeth!" I said and gave a wave over in the corner of the basement that was decorated all in pink with lifesize dolls all dressed up.

I placed the blade right onto her neck, I barely started to move my wrist when I heard the door to my house open and slam shut. Someone was here and it better of not been the poilce.

"You stay here, we'll continue this later alright Queen Elizabeth?" I said and threw the knife down onto the ground and headed up stairs and slammed the basement door shut.

I saw Austin standing in front of the door and I glared at him, I walked over to him and pushed him into the door. "What the heck are you doing here in the middle of the night!" I yelled at him and he pushed me back, I was really angry at him for messing up my murder.

"I came to come get you, the sun is almost up and I'm sure feeding time is over for the night." Austin said, my temper flared and I took a step back and slapped him across the face.

"I was just in the middle of feeding! You idiot! Why don't next time you actually call or leave a message before you come barging into my home! Now my meal is probably cold." I growled and turned around and flung open the basement door and headed down.

When I got the bottom I looked over at were the girl was, all the was there was the chains hanging from the roof and the butcher knife on the floor, the window was open and the light was broken.

"AUSTIN GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!" I yelled and Austin appeared beside me, "What?" "Look what you did! You let my meal escape! YOU go get her and bring her back!" I yelled and slapped him again, he growled and disappeared.

By the time he returned, the sun was barely coming up. I was starting to calm down a little and I didn't rip his head off when he returned with my meal.

I made Austin wait upstairs while I 'ate' her and then turned her into Queen Elizabeth, it was hard work turning a human into a lifesize doll. You have to give them glass eyes and take out all the insides, it's a mess. But in the end they look really pretty!

I was just about done turning her into a lifesize doll when Austin appeared beside me, looking down at the new addition to my doll collection. "She's beautiful. . .For a doll." He said and added the last part rather quickly, I gave a small smirk as I set her up on a chair holding a tea cup.

"Yes, I think she is my finest piece of work yet. Now I have to get two little kids to match with the set, tonight will be a joy." I said and smiled wickedly while Austin rolled his eyes. 

"Can we go now?" He asked and I nodded, I pulled out a small Black umbrella and handed it to him as we left my house. I knew he couldn't stand the sun and would surely break out in hives if he was exposed. But me? I could stay in the sun as long as I wanted, no problem.

We arrived at the small cabin that everyone was staying in at the moment, and everyone was asleep. They were dead, (hehehe) Austin even crashed right when he walked into the door. He fell asleep and I pushed him into a corner.

"I can't believe I'm the only one who can ever stay awake." I said with a moan and sat down by the window and pulled out a very very old locket and opened it up. I stared at the two pictures and had to stop myself from crying. 

On the right of the locket was a picture young girl, around the age of 12. With short shoulder length purple hair and golden eyes. Her skin was pale and she was in an old victorian style dress. That of course, was me. Back in 1865.

On the left of the locket was a picture of a young boy, around the age of 12 also. With shaggy white hair and blood red eyes. His skin was pale and he wore an old victorian style outfit. That of course, was my younger twin brother. Back in 1865.

"Dante, why'd you have to disappear? Why'd you have to leave me all alone as a vampire!" I yelled and closed the locket so tightly that it cracked. The others moaned and shifted in their sleep, I didn't want to wake them. But I also didn't want them to know about my brother.

"A vampire demigod, with her brother as the stupid vampire king." I said and closed my eyes, Dante was indeed the Vampire King. But he disappeared leaving all us Vampire Demigods on our own, no one to tell us what to do or how to act. Some of us got a little crazy, ended up getting our selves killed.

Before I knew it, I was paralyzed. I couldn't move, and being by the window was not a good spot to be paralyzed by. The window shot open and I was yanked out of the cabin and thrown onto the ground. I managed to turn my head and look at who grabbed me and threw me out. 

I was surrounded by a group of girls and guys, both had tails and fangs. These were Werewolf Demigods, or what we called them: Lupusgods. 

"Well, looks like a vampire who can come out in the sunshine. Maybe you mind telling us why one of our own is missing?" The Boss said and kicked me in my side with great force, I wanted to give out a yelp but I couldn't move.

"Thought so." He said with a smirk and snapped his fingers, another one of the Lupusgods picked me up and slung me over her shoulder. I could tell they were going to take me back to their base, and I knew what they did to us Vampire Demigods. 

They used us as their personal slaves. You see, Lupusgods are able to bite their victim and inject them with a virus called: Loctos. This Virus takes over your body and you practically die, you have no control and they use you however you like. They mostly use us Vampire Demigods as murder weapons and such.

At the last possible second, I regained control and gave the most high pitched, blood curdling scream ever. The Lupusgods had to cover their ears, but I knew that the others would hear me and they did.

In a spilt second all of them had came out from the cabin and where all standing out in the sun, but luckily the cabin was shaded by Tall redwood trees that blocked most of the suns rays.

"Looks like we're gonna have a battle." The Boss said with a smirk, Austin growled and then everyone charged at each other. Letting the battle start and the Lupusgod carrying me make a quick escape with me on their back.

~End of Chapter 4~

Chapter 5 Maya:  Lupusgods vs. OnigodsEdit

I'd rather not being doing this, but it doesn't seem like I get a choice in the matter. Lucin will be fine Maya. I run after Scarlet. Two Lupusgods are carrying her and running in wolf form. I hiss and run after them, shadowtraveling closer. I hop on one of their backs and grab Scarlet. 

"I hate mutts~!" I hiss and sink my claws in his back. The other mutt wasn't having it though. He jumped up in the air and slashed me across the face with his claws. I send out a loud scream. Scarlet is still silent and unmoving. Can't they get this Boss guy out of here, so she can help me? I whip out my fangs and the mutt and I have a stare down, waiting for the other to attack. I slide under his belly and sink my claws in his gut and cut it open all the way down to his tail. The mutt lets out a howl before dying. I pick up Scarlet and climb up a tree. The whole battle moves to this area. Takeshi is blowing the wolves against trees and clawing at them. Austin is yelling curses and ripping off limbs. I leave Scarlet in the tree and jump down on the Lupusgods.

"Where's Lucin?" I ask, throwing one of the mutts at Austin by mistake.

Takeshi growls, "He's at base fighting the boss, now don't go back there we need you over here Maya-..." 

I'm already halfway there. I don't even think. I just-

"EEEEEEEEEPPP LEMME' GO!" I'm in the claws of a giant wolf bear thingy. Lucin is staring wide eyed at me. The Wolfabear puts his claws to my neck. 

"Where's our member of the pack, boy? Don't make me ask again." He puts his claws closer to my neck making me bleed more. I try biting at his hands but he's not even phased by it. 

"Let me go you stupid Wolfabear~! You don't like me when I'm angry." Lucin just shakes his head. He's covered in dirt and blood and looks defeated. I shadowtravel behind the Wolfabear and kick him in the back. 

"We don't have your member." Lucin says. I claw at the Wolfabear's back until I can see his spinal cord, then I continue clawing at his back. The Wolfabear growls then howls. All the Lupusgods come back and pick up his, now returned to human, body.

"This isn't over Oni's." One of the girls growls.

"Woof." Austin smirks and goes over to Lucin. 

Takeshi is carrying a stunned Scarlet towards our cabin. I chase the Lupusgods out of our base. No one was to badly injured but my face has three claw marks going across my eye and my neck is cut. I heard Lupusgod's scratches are permanent. I sigh and limp back to our cabin. Lucin is chugging a kanteen of blood and laying on the couch. Scarlet is lying down. 

"Maya, your face is-" I cut off Lucin.

"I know." I trace the lines. There's blood all on my hands. Takeshi is sleeping and Austin is moping.

"So anyone want to tell us exactly what the hell just happened?" Takeshi jumps up. "I mean those Lupusgods are becoming more of a problem then the Gods themselves. They've stolen a few of our own and turned them into killing machines and now they think we're stealing their members. How are we suppose to do that when they have our kind protecting their borders?" 

"I don't know. Their members probably left because they're psycho wolfs. Did you see their boss? He was a Wolfabear~!" I grab my neck. 

"We just need to be more alert and, you know, not reckless." says Austin.

"Scar and Maya are the only crazy reckless ones around here." hisses Takeshi.

Scar and I exchange looks then tackle Takeshi. He half struggles but I hold him down.

"Enough guys. We don't need to be fighting. It's starting to become more dangerous out here. We're gaining more enemies. I mean I've heard of some hunter guy that goes around killing Lupus' and Oni's. I think we should start feeding together, well hunting together." says Lucin. We all burst into laughter.

"I don't need someone coming with me. I can take care of myself. Why in the heaven would some hunter guy be after us anyway? It's just a story." says Austin.

"Besides, some of you know I need silence to make my creations. Oh, Queen Elizabeth was perfect!" exclaims Scar.

I roll my eyes, "I'll be fine on my own brother, besides I know you don't like being around me much anyways, so...." I go outside and sit alone on the porch. All is silent and in a little while I can hear Takeshi snoring. Lucin sits next to me.

"I like being around you sis, you're just, you take things too far and I don't want us in danger because of your actions." 

My eyes turn red in anger and I slap him with my long pigtails. 

"I'll make sure I don't put anymore of us in danger ever again, Ototo (brother)." Lucin stares at me in confusion then goes to lie down. I guess he didn't understand what I meant. I grab a few bottles of blood and put on a black eyepatch then write a note "Dear guys, I have come to a decision. I will no longer dwell with you all, so I won't be an inconvience to you or put you all in danger. Don't come looking for me. Scar, I know about your brother, Austin, you're a jackass, Takeshi, you're really lazy, and Lucin, I never loved you." ~ Maya-Scorpio-Onigod. 

Chapter 6 Maria: Slashing, Hacking and A BoyEdit

I hummed giddily, axe in tow, blood dripping from its blade.

"Heave~ HO!" I shouted as I swung my axe down, through the head of a poor, pathetic Lupusgod. I spit at its prone form, and giggled, before pulling down my right under eyelid, and sticking out my tongue.

"Bleeeh~!" I kicked the corpse to the side, and went on my merry way.

"Seriously, what's with these things?" I questioned, looking at all my fresh kills. "They didn't even put up a fight." I yawned. Luckily, my cabin wasn't too far away, so I just walked to it.

Oh. I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Maria Avallone, beloved daughter of Hel~! Hel is the goddess of Hell~! Or Hell is the goddess of Hel? Oh never mind. She's the goddess of death and stuff, and rules the icy planes of Nifelheim. Or were they fiery planes...? Screw it. I'll read into that later~! As you can see, I love fighting... And killing... Oh! But only bad guys. A bit of an anti-hero, I am. Well, anti-heroine.

Ooh! I'm at my cabin!

I run in, and instantly throw my pretty black dress in the wash. After removing my boots and gloves, I go into my drawer, pulling out pink footy pajamas, complete with an adorable white rabbit print~!

After putting on my rabbit eared sleeping cap, and humming "Peace Sounds Nice...", I hopped in bed, huggling my rabbit doll, Monomi.

But then I heard something... A thump... I gasp, as my mind registers what's happening. An intruder! I roll out of bed, flopping on my side before standing.

I grab my kris sword, and run outside. "Who's there?!" I shout as threateningly as my admittedly adorable voice could muster. I see two red eyes in the darkness. Not a Lupusgod, but... A boy?

Chapter 7 Lucin: The Forest is an Odd PlaceEdit


When we found Maya's note, she was long gone. I could feel it. Maybe I was the only one who was truly hurt by her words, just because she was my sister.

"Ha." Takeshi laughs. "Me? Lazy? Far from it."

"At least you aren't an asshole..." Austin mutters with a frown. I put on a weak attempt of a smile to cheer him up.

"Oh come on, bud." I say. "We both know you aren't an asshole." Austin nods a bit, but doesn't look sure about it.

"Damn her, Austin. You know she's crazy." Takeshi also tries to cheer him up. It was stupid of her to say that because she knew Austin was sensitive about things like that.

"She knows..." Scarlet mutters over and over. I never knew Scarlet had a brother, to be honest, and I don't want to ever meet him. I mean, it's not like I'm scared or anything, it's just...eerie that Maya chose to say that about Scarlet. Just very eerie.

"Ya know, Lucin." Takeshi says. "I think I finally believe you when you say you're the only normal kid in your cabin." I instantly put on a cold face.

"What do you mean?" I ask him with a serious tone.

"You know exactly what I mean." He lays back on the couch and takes off his Ring of Amun, and spins it around his finger. "Maya's crazy, we know that. But she's also an idiot. You're not that big of an idiot." I didn't quite understand what he was saying; was he insulting me?

"I don't-"

"Wait. Let me finish. She's obviously trying to hide something. Scarlet too. A brother, huh? Please, do tell, crazy bitch numero uno." Scarlet glares at him.

"Don't call me that-"

"You probably need not to...find, yes, a way, to spill those outward feelings of ...everyone, so." We all looked at him confusingly.

"What?" Austin says. I nod, and grab my jacket.

"I'm...leaving. I'll be back." I walk outside in the clear night, and jump into a tree. I then proceed to jump from branch to branch, not breaking even one (I'd like to see Lupusgods try that!)

Takeshi was speaking in code. I realized that immediately as his message was directed towards me. " spill...those...out...feelings." Which was basically another way of saying he knew I was mega pissed at what she said. Takeshi knew I was angry, but I had restraint and held it in, unlike most Airians/my siblings. Sabrina would've probably complained, or done something about it. And Tetsuo would've coldly held it inside, until he finally exploded in calm anger. Maya would have yelled about it, but me? I held it in and smiled. It was a fake smile, but a legit-looking one.

"Damn him. And her." I muttered angrily. I mean, it's not like she actually didn't love me...right? I've done a lot for her, it's not like I had to do it... The Aries in me makes me crazy. Honestly. I'm hurt, and I'm angry. I totally want to punch something, flick something off, just let out everything. But at the same time there's this desperate need to find out the truth, why she mentioned Scarlet's brother, why she said that about me, why she left.

'Calm down, Lucin.' I think to myself as I jump from branch to branch. 'Try to put the pieces together...' I was trying to make sense of this, but at that time my nose caught a smell. An honestly disgusting smell that was also a bit refreshing. A dog smell that stunk of blood.


In a calm and cool way, I jump down from the shadows of the trees. Dead Lupusgods were thrown all around, from what I saw. Around 10 in all. I walked around the space, muttering, "What the hell happened here...?"

I kicked some bodies to make sure they were completely dead. One lupus twitched, so I quickly bent over and ripped out his throat. Sometimes you have to be merciless. I immediately felt guilty, but ignored that feeling.

The dead wolves seemed to be the only ones around, but...the smell continued onward... I followed my nose to the smell, walking a meter or two. That is, until I tripped over something. Thump!

"Damn..." I rubbed my knee, before proceeding to punch the hell out of what I had tripped over. It squished and squirmed underneath my fists, but it was no use.

"Why did you have to go!" I yelled between punches. "Don't-ever-come-back!" I let out a hard punch, killing whatever it was. I raised my fists to see them soaked in blood, a pool already forming. I could barely tell what I had killed, but...

It was a squirrel. I knew from the skin left behind. I had murdered a squirrel in cold blood for no reason... I sighed. Would I act like that of Tetsuo or Sabrina left? No, because they wouldn't. Not without a reasoning. And it's easier to tell why Sabrina would leave than Tetsuo...

"Who's there?" I hear a cute voice ask. I stand up quickly. The voice obviously came from a girl. I walk closer to her, hoping she was just a regular girl.

'Good.' I think when I finally see her. 'Just a girl.' This girl had odd coloured hair- almost like...a rainbow...she clutched a rabbit doll, and a sword. Not a regular one, but the name escapes me.

"..." I decide to test her for now. "What are you doing out?" I ask in a cold voice. I wipe the squirrel blood down the side of my pants, hoping she'd see it. Her eyes travel over me before widening.

"I could ask you the same." She says with a plain voice. I shrug.

"I needed...some air."

"For what?"

Again, I shrug. "Why does it matter when I don't know you?" I state. She nods in agreement.

"I'm Maria. And you are?" I hesitate slightly before speaking my name.


"Sounds Victorian." She says. I shrug.

"It's the name I was born with. Lucian seems better, more common, but no. I'm Lucin." She giggles a little.

"Well, will you tell me why you're here?" She asks. I contemplate this, before thinking, 'Why not?' I mean, the odds of me ever meeting this Maria girl again are low. Chances are we Onigods are gonna pack up and leave.

"...I'm angry." I say. "I shouldn't be angry, or anything, but I am. My sister said she doesn't love me." Maria watches me with intent. I could feel her eyes traveling all over me.

"And this is a problem why?"

"I just want everyone to be a family again. But in my..."family", people are hiding too many secrets." Maria nods, and I feel like I can trust her for a little. "I just want everyone to be happy."

"I understand." Maria says. "How about this? I can make you happy. I promise."

...Okay? Is it just me, or did this take a turn down the creepy lane? "Um...okay..." I say. Maria smiles, and I swear to the gods that the smile was so familiar I'm scared.

"Good." She says. I start to back away.

"I should go." I say. I don't want to, though. Because even though she's creepy, she's nice. It's something in me trying to keep me there. Maria nods.

"Okay. Bye." She says. I wave with a smile, before walking away.

It was 10 minutes later I realized that the smell of a Lupusgod was strong on her.

Chapter 8: Scarlet: The Hauntings of the PastEdit

I was shocked, how could Maya know about my brother? And most importantly, who the FLIPPING HECK does she think she is? Running off like a little girl who's scared, she's gonna end up getting herself killed!

I was sitting on the porch and it the midnight, the sky was clear and the moon was shining. It felt nice to be out in the night, and for once I wasn't my crazy self trying to murder every person I see.

"Hey, you feeling alright?" Austin said and sat down next to me, I sighed and leaned back placing my arms behind me to keep myself from falling.

"No, I'm not. I'm upset at Maya for leaving. But I think I should tell you guys about my brother, and let you know probably why the Lupusgods are attacking." "Sure, go ahead. Takeshi is asleep and Lucin is who knows where, you can let me know."

"Well. Dante became the Vampire king when he was 18 of course, but he was different from the rest. It was like he was almost a god instead of a demigod. His powers were amazing, everyone loved him. Girls always came to his beck and call. B-But, he just disappeared one night. And never left a trace, his wife killed herself and the vampires went insane. . . .The Lupusgods started murdering Onigods and mortals and kidnapping them of course, they just went crazy." 

"That would explain most of it. . .But he had a wife?" Austin asked and I gave a nod, I pulled out a picture from my pocket and showed it to him.

"Clara Diangelo, the most beautiful Onigod ever to walk the earth." I said and he nodded. "She's Beautiful. ." He trailed off while staring at her picture, I swipped the photo away and stuffed it back into my pocket.

"She was able to charm men and lure them to their death, that's how she fed." I said and then he looked like he didn't really think she was that beautiful. 

"Well, you should come in. It's not safe to be out alone anymore with the Lupusgods so close by, I'll be checking in on you every once in awhile. Alright?" Austin said and then headed back inside, leaving me out on the porch alone.

My stomach growled, I was starving. And I still had to finish my Queen Elizabeth collection, I stood up and looked out towards the woods. The Woods was the only thing standing inbetween me and my next meal. . .

"You can run but you can't hide!" I yelled with a wicked laugh as I chased to two children through the darkness of the streets, the street lamps weren't that close and only about half of them worked.

The children were despretly running for their lives, the older boy was holding his younger sister by the hand and running. Pulling her along and trying to make sure she didn't fall behind.

I loved playing with my meals, chasing them and wearing them out. It would take me hours to wear down. But for humans it only took a few minutes. But I was chasing these kids for about 10 minutes now.

"Julia you have to hurry! If you don't run we'll die!" The older boy yelped to his younger sister as they ran, she was wearing down and wasn't going to be able to make it.

They took a sharp turn into an alley way to try to throw me off, but that didn't exactly work with me. I turned the corner to the alley and saw the two at the very end, up against a tall brick wall shaking violently. 

The older brother stepped in front of his sister and looked me right in the eyes, there was something in his eyes that I hadn't seen for such a long time. But I couldn't put my finger on it.

"You're both going to die, why don't you just give up now and let me kill you without all the hassel." I said and pulled out two daggers that would make the smoothest, cleanest cuts through their weak bones and flesh.

"I won't let you hurt us! You're a monster and I will never let you take us!" He yelled at me and pushed his sister back against the wall, making distance from me and her. 

"You're brave young boy, to bad you have to die for it." I broke into a sprint and brought down by dagger, I expected to hear a yelp. Maybe a scream and then a splatter of blood, but instead it was metal against metal. 

How? I was too fast for him, he should've died. I thought and saw he was holding a metal rod blocking the dagger from hurting him. "I said, you will never take us!" He yelled and kicked me in the knee and I stumbled back, he smashed the rod into my head and I fell to the ground.

"You're a monster, and I know what you are." He put his hands over his sisters ears and with disgust in his voice he said, "You're an Onigod. And I know what you are-" His voice changed to anger and tears filled his eyes. "Me and my sister are just like you!" He yelled and then took his hands off his sisters ears.

These two little kids, Onigods? But they're so young, so hopeless. They couldn't- BOOM! Right into my skull I felt the blow of a thousand bullets, this stupid kid just kicked me in the head!

I did a backflip and landed perfectly, I slipped my daggers back into their sheaths and stared at the little girl. A kind, warm smile spread onto my face and I held out my hand. 

"You are like me, but you're different. I know your life, you hide. You cry, you live in fear. If you come with me I promise I will never try to harm you again." I said and the older brother slapped my hand and stepped back to hide his sister from me.

"I won't let you touch her, you're a monster." He spat at me, I didn't want to do this but I sighed and threw a rock at his head. He crumbled to the ground and his sister gave a small yelp. This was the first time I actually got to see her, she was shaking with tears streaming down her face. She had short red hair and bright blue eyes and white skin, she wore a blue school dress that was dirty and torn from running.

"Y-You-You hurt James." Her voice cracked and I held out my arms this time, without hesitation she ran over to me and hugged me, crying into my arms. 

"Shh, it's alright. I won't let anyone harm you, and I promise I won't ever hurt you again. Alright?" I said and she nodded, burying her head into my chest and crying. 

I led Julia back to the cabin while carrying an outcold James, from talking with Julia she told me how Jame and her were orphans who were bullied and such. And that on Julia's hand she has the mark of the Zodiac sign 'Virgo' and that James has 'Leo'.   I pushed open the door to the Cabin and with a big smile I screamed, "We have guests!" Everyone looked over at me and all their jaws dropped when they saw the children.

~End of Chapter 8~

Chapter 9 Olivia: Set Sail into something BloodyEdit

"Move it you scallywags~!" I shove the crew down the stairs. "Who the hell is steering the goddamn boat?" My youngest crew member speaks up nervously, trying to get up. 

"You're suppose to be steering captain." I slap her across the face. 

"Well get to the wheel then peasant~! And you five, get up off your hinequarters and get this ship on smooth water. The damned waves rocked me out of my sleep~!"

"Sorry Captain, the current is pulling us into uncharted territory!" I spit at him.

"No such things. The more the merrier, let's go find some more crew on these uncharted territories you damned sissies."

Yeah I'm sixteen years old talking to adults like this. Woop~! They're all scared of me anyway, plus I control then all, they devoted their lives to my service and to live with me and be fed and paid. They can leave but I will hunt them like they're prey. Only a two people have ever escaped me but they were really young kids and strange at that. They tried to eat my crew so I told them to scram. James and Julia were their names. I didn't want to kill little kids so I let them go, but I will never let anyone know I have a soft side.

"A vast ye maties~! Land ho~!" I pull out my binoculars. "Well not land but city ho~! My old home." The crew nods. We come here a few times out of the year. "We will meet here at the crack of dawn on the morrow' bring some people who want to sail with us but no one lazy or you all walk the plank~!" The crew runs off the ship looking eager to see land for once. "If you don't come back I will hunt you down~!" They continue to run as I chuckle and walk barefoot off the docks towards the forest. I don't like the city. I stalk into the forest. I'm a demigod, a daughter of Poseidon. How can I not love the sea? I have my trident in hand. Crazy things happen in the forest. Like a girl with big black pigtails covered in blood stalking through the forest. Definetely not crazy. 

"Oi~! What has happened to you there?" 

The girl looks up at me with red eyes. Her teeth are sharp. She's just like those two kids I let leave. I start to back away.

"Wait! I promise I won't hurt you. I need to get away from here very quickly before they find me in the daylight." She drops to her knees. She's tries to cover her body with a trench. Her skin starts to break out in hives. I pick her up and cover her body as I stalk back to the boat. I take her below deck keeping my trident on her. 

"Who are you? The last bloodsuckers I had tried to eat my crew!"

"You're the captain? You're so young..."

"Shutup and answer!" I point the trident at her and she hisses. 

"Alright alright. I'm Maya, I'm probably not fit for the ocean life but I need to just get out of this city, before the gods- before they find me."

"Don't worry I'm a demigod too. I know a lot about Onigods suprisingly, you demons really need to stop trying to fight the gods. One of my crew members use to clean up for the gods. She knows a lot of their secrets. They, ofcourse, want to kill you all at any costs, including those furbag demi's. There's really no way to stop them from finding you all." 

"Well, we've been hiding and fighting the Lupus. Maybe if we all join together we can defeat the gods?"

"It'll take more than that. You need demigods."

"They try to kill us."

"What if you come with me and act completely normal at camp then I tell everyone you're an Oni and once they see how good natured you guys are they may want to help your species." Maya smiles, a fangy one too. She hugs me and I pull her off really fast.

"Don't worry, I've eaten, but I could really use a swim."

"I'll join." I smile. So by the end of it there's blood in Maya's circle and clean water in mine. Her make up runs and her pigtails are soaked. 

"Im Olivia Woods, daughter of Poseidon. Nice to meet you Maya."

"Nice to meet you Olivia." 

"You realize this is going to be a bloodbath right?" I question.

"Well let's set sail into something bloody, my friend."

Chapter 10 Austin: RegretEdit

I lie motionless in my bed, staring at the ceiling. Everyone has long gone to sleep, but not me. I haven't been getting any sleep. I mean, how could I? With all this regret I'm feeling, it's nearly impossible.

I mean, come on. Why did I ever listen to that wretched harlot, Scarlet? I should've never gone after that poor, poor girl. Live life as Queen Elizabeth, Scarlet promised. Bah. She's just gonna collect cobwebs in the corner of that bloodstained basement of hers, along with Maria Teresa, and Joan of Arc.

What would my father think of me? You'd think he'd be proud right, being the mother f*cking devil. Heh. Tainted by the words of the media. No. Father would look at me with disdain, being the murderer I've become. Us demons don't murder or even possess. We're punishers and enforcers. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But most of all, what would my beautiful Yukari think of me...?

I tugged at my hair at that thought. My body grows hot. As if this place weren't hot enough. I'm clad only in a tank-top and briefs (there were no boxers), with the thinnest comforter over me ever, but I feel like I'm burning.

I look down at the bunk under me, where Lucin sleeps. Well, slept. How could he run away? He's the only one I can trust here. Takeshi's tsundere as hell, Maya thinks I'm a jerk for no reason, and-oh I can't even think her name without feeling like I'm having acid reflux- Scarlet, well I need not tell you what I think of her.

My anger heats me more, causing me to take off my sweaty tank top. God the air feels good... But it won't last...

"Still awake, I see."

I raise an eyebrow, and turn my head toward the voice. It was Takeshi.

"What're you doing up?" I ask.

"How can anyone stay up with all this stress?"

"I feel ya man..." I sigh.

"Airing out the muscles, Mr. Universe?"

I manage to smirk. "Yep."

"You should get to sleep. You've got major baggage under your eyes."

"Gee. Thanks. If I could sleep, I would. You said it yourself. I can't sleep, thinking about what my fiancé will think of me..."

Takeshi tilts his head. "You have a fiancé?"

I nod. "Yeah. Haven't I mentioned Yukari?"


I groan. "Some husband-to-be I am..."

"Aw don't say that. You're a good guy."

I raise an eyebrow. Takeshi? Being nice? To me?

"Uh... Thank you."

"No prob."

I smile. "C'mon. Let's try to get some sleep."

He replies. "Agreed."

I lie back down. Maybe it won't be too bad. I'll go after Lucin tomorrow. But after my spar with Takeshi. After over 40 fights of holding back, I think I'll show him what I can really do.

No more going half way.

No more regrets.

Chapter 11 Takeshi: Learn Some RespectEdit

When I woke up that morning, the two newbs, James and Julia, sat at the table. I raised an eyebrow.

"'Ello." I muttered in my British accent. They looked at me and I looked back. "What are you, idiots? I said "'Ello". The polite thing to do, you twits, is to reply."

The boy mumbled a hello, and the girl waved slightly. I rolled my eyes, mumbling. "Scarlet does too damn much." I then formed an idea. Turning to James and Julia, I walked away.

I didn't go far, just to the bathroom. I locked the door, and took off my black jacket. I looked exactly like him. Good. I ruffed my hair and bit, and practiced speaking. Then I walked out, smile plastered on my face.

"Good morning." I said in a less gruffer voice than usual. "It's nice to meet you." The two brats looked at me with wide eyes. I nearly laughed, but kept my facade. "I'm Takeo, Takeshi's twin brother. Have you seen him?" Julia nodded. "Good." I say. "Oh...he must've went to Scarlet. I hope she doesn't turn him into a doll." The two raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, a doll. Scarlet does that to people. She sucks out their blood, and takes out their eyeballs. Then she makes them look just like dolls. She did it to another kid, Lucin. I think. He's missing now." They look at me I'm crazy.

They aren't wrong.

I'm just about to continue as Austin walks inside the kitchen. "Morning," he says. "Hey Takeshi."

The kids looked at him. "I thought he was Takeo?"

"Takeo? Who's that?" Austin said with a confused look on his face.

"Him." The girl said. "He's Takeshi's twin."

"Takeshi doesn't have a twin..." Austin said, looking at me. "Takeshi, stop trying to trick them." I scowled.

"And they were just falling for it too." I said. "Whatever." I went back to my normal voice, put on my jacket, and then sat down next to the boy. I don't know his name, and I don't want to find out either.

He gave me a mean look, and I replied by giving him the finger. "Go suck-"

"Takeshi." Austin scolded. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, Ta- I mean, Austin." I nearly slipped there, and it surprised me. Heh. I mean, Austin sounded so much him. It was funny, sad, and a little heart breaking.

Austin raised an eyebrow, but didn't bother. "Hey, Takeshi. How about a spar?" He asked. I smirked.

"Are you serious? Ready for another beatdown?" Austin shrugged.

"Maybe." He said. I couldn't believe this kid. He was really something else.

"Alright," I told him. "later on. I'm not in the mood right now." He nods at me. I wonder why he wants to spar. I mean, I didn't inspire him that much last night, did I? Pfft. No way. Even if, he isn't going to win. He knows that. Everyone does.

"Are you scared?" The little brat next to me says. I throw a sideways glance at him.

"What the hell did you just say?"

"Are. You. Scared." I briefly close my eyes, deciding if I should end his pathetic life right now. No. No. No. That isn't the way to do it...for now.

"No." I said.

"Then why don't you fight him now?" I narrow my eyes at him.

"Listen here you damn brat, I just woke up. You're fucking crazy if you think I'll fight right now. I know for a damn fact that you're probably so damn scared of Austin that you'd piss your pants trying to fight him. Is that correct?"

"James isn't afriad of anyone!" His brat sister says. I sneer at them.

"Oh really?" She nods. I raise my hand and smack her brother. The strength and force of it knocks him out of his seat. He struggles to stand, and I stomp on his back. He cries out in pain.

"Listen here, brat. I can kill you right fucking now. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Now tell that little owari of a sister of yours that you're afraid of me." He shakes his head.

"N-no." He says. He looks at his sister with a smile. "I'm fine, J-Julia. See?" But the little girl looks at me with wide eyes.

"Get off of him!" She screeches, and tries to attack me. I grab her shirt, and raise her up.

"Do you think that just because you're a kid, I won't kill you right now?" I can hear Austin yelling my name, and I can feel him trying to stop me. "Do you?"

"Takeshi!!" That outraged scream came from the one and only Scarlet. She pounced on me, knocking the girl out of my hands, and me off the boy. We fell into a corner, and she began scratching at me. I chuckle at her attempt at an attack.

"THEY'RE ONLY KIDS!" She was yelling. "WHY WOULD YOU-!" Austin finally did something. His picked her up off of me, and seperated us.

"That was fun." I said as I stand. "Let's play again nex-" I stop speaking. I had looked down at my leather jacket. She...she had ripped it.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!" I yelled at her. "I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET EVER BEING FUCKING BORN! HE GAVE IT TO ME! YOU DAMN BITCH!" I raised my fist to punch the crap out of her, but Austin stopped me.

"Calm down Takeshi-"

"Calm down? You expect me to fucking calm down?" Scarlet had a smile on her face- a wicked one. "I'll wipe that damn smile off your face, you wicked bitch." I vow.

"Have a good time with your ripped jacket."

"ARG!!!" I take a deep breath. I can hear his voice speaking. 'It's okay, Takeshi...' He's saying in his soft voice. 'You'll be fine...' Fine my ass.

"Fuck all of you." I mutter as I walk out of the kitchen. The last thing I hear is the little girl saying, "He was afraid."

Chapter 12: Scarlet: Kids are hardEdit

Takeshi is a jerk, trying to murder little kids? What was he thinking, it's not like they know him or anything. And they're kids for crying out loud! They have to learn things too you know. 

It must've been an hour or two, and it was just me and the kids inside the cabin. Austin had left to go get Takeshi, trying to calm him down. I had no idea were the two were.

James and Julia were playing a boardgame in the corner of the room, and I held a piece of the ripped jacket in my hand. I had met Takeo once before, and we had really gotten along. But Takeshi really hated me and Takeo talking together, I really had no idea why Takeshi hated me so much.

I sighed and slipped the piece into my pocket, the kids were still playing the boardgame. I really didn't know why they were having so much fun playing that stupid game. But I didn't say anything, they were kids. They deserved to have each other and enjoy each other for as long as they could.

"James, Julia. Get over here," I called and waved for them to come and they hesitated but came over, the two looked up at me and Julia was shaking a little. 

"I'm going out, I need to go get something. You two stay here alright?" I told them and they both nodded, Julia ran off back to the corner were the boardgame was. I grabbed James by his arm before he could leave. 

"If you cause ANY problems, you'll be sorry." I said and let his arm go, he hesitated to go over to his sister and stared at me for a second. Almost like he was waiting for me to finish a sentence. But he ran over to her and they continued the boardgame. 

I stepped outside the cabin and locked the door, I didn't want to two kids leaving. Afraid that Takeshi might be hiding somewhere ready to kill the kids, mostly James. 

It was nighttime though, and so I was trying my hardest not to go into a killing frenzy. I started my walk through the woods, spinning a dagger in my hand. I looked up at the sky every once in awhile, checking to see what time it was. 

It must've been a good 20 minutes that I was out there, but then I heard a noise. It wasn't your normal leaves rustling or something running. This was a noise, I heard breathing and then it spoke in a muffled way, and then the thing broke into a run. 

Almost right away I broke into a run after it, I could see its shadow running through the trees. This thing had a human shape, and it was moving pretty fast. 

Come on, just a little more and then you're mine. I said and broke into a sprint, using the last of my running energy to tackle the thing to the ground. We rolled a few feet and then I pinned it down. Sweat dripping from my face.

I looked down at what I had pinned, hoping it was some traveller or something. But when I saw the all too familiar face, blue eyes staring back at me. I was in shock. 

"T-Takeo?" I said and fell back onto my butt, he sat up and we just stared at each for the longest time without saying a word.

"Takeo!" I jumped on him and gave him a huge hug, it had been so long since I had seen him. And this made my day, I completely forgot what I was going to get.

"Hey Scarlet, haven't seen you for a while." Takeo said and then I released him from the hug and gave him a nod, 

"I know. What ever happened to you?" I asked and he hesitated to answer, I never did figure out what happened to him. He just simply disappeared one day and Takeshi's personality flipped for the worse.

"I had to leave to do some things, personal things." Takeo said, he really never was the one to tell you what he was thinking or doing, always tried to cover up with a smile.

I stood up and helped him off the ground, "Come on, I'll take you back to the cabin. Maybe Takeshi and Austin are back." I said and he nodded, he probably wanted to see Takeshi really bad.

As we started walking back to the cabin, we started talking. Just about random things, even stupid things even. Telling each other jokes and making each other laugh, it was the first time I had actually laughed for a long time.

It was cut short by the sound of a scream, and it was a familiar scream too. "Julia!" I yelped and broke into a run, with Takeo right behind me.

We weren't that far away from the cabin, I just hoped nothing serious happened. And that we could make it in enough time.

We burst through the doors and my eyes grew wide, I stared at Takeshi. Holding an out cold body in his arms, and another out cold body in the corner of the room. 

"Takeshi! What did you do!" I yelled at him, he didn't even turn around. I had just barely noticed the blood on his arms and the blood on the bodies.

"Takeshi, tell me what you did!" I yelled again and took a step forward, his breath was shaky and I saw a tear fall to the ground. 


"You murdered them, didn't you! You just couldn't hold in your anger! You murdered little children!-"

"No I didn't! I didn't kill them! I found them like this!-"


"I'M NOT LYING SCARLET!" He spun around and stared at me, his eyes were filled with tears. He was holding Julia's body in his arms, I was about to rip him to pieces. But I saw that she was breathing, and that the body in the corner was moving too.

"You were THIS close to being a dead man," I said and grabbed Julia's body out of his arms and held her close, I stepped out of the way to show Takeo. And when Takeshi saw him, tears started streaming down his face.

"Takeo!" Takeshi yelped and ran to give Takeo a hug, but I stepped in front of them and held out my hand. 

"There's no way you're giving him a hug, you help me nurse these children and THEN you can hug your brother." I said and Takeshi gave me the death glare, he snarled and then turned around and went over to James' body.

"Takeo, will you go get some warm water and a few cloths please?" I asked Takeo and he nodded and headed off to the kitchen. 

~Time Skip~

I pulled the covers over Julia and kissed her forehead, I blew out the candle and then left the small bedroom and closed the door and went into the living room.

Takeo and Takeshi were talking, they must've been talking for who knows how long. I let Takeshi off the hook early so he could spend some time with his brother. A small smile spread across my face and I headed out to the porch.

I sat down on the railing and saw Austin walking back up to the cabin, "Hey there." He said and leaned against the railing.

"Hello, what took you so long?" I asked and he gave a small chuckle. 

"I was out hunting, I've been starving all day." He said and patted his belly, I gave a small laugh and then stared out into the sky. Morning was breaking, and I knew Austin had to get back inside soon.

"Well, you better be heading inside. The sun's coming up. . Oh! And Takeo's here, Takeshi's brother." I said and Austin opened his mouth to say something but then closed it, gave a small nod and then headed inside.

"Well, today's been one heck of a day." I said and shook my head and chuckled, I loved being an Onigod. So many adventures.

~End of Chapter~

Chapter 13: Dane Curiouser and CuriouserEdit

Girls are such strange yet majestic creatures. The way they act is just intriguing in ever bit and piece and NOOOOOO i'm not a pervert I just have an eye for...HOLY ZEUS! I run out of the Hypnos cabin lazily and get my binoculars. What a scene indeed. A little blonde sailor gal and a red and black heroine come into camp. Wowza! Oh, dear oh dear, it seems the red one has claw marks across her face. A hellhound or perhaps a bird of some sort? No no no! Impossible they're coming this way! I yip and kneel at their feet.

"What is wrong with him?" says the red dame to the sailor.

"Aye, I haven't the slightest er clue. I don't remember him from last year. Ye, the names Olivia and this is Maya."

What beautiful names for such exquisete creatures.

"Hello ladies, I'm Danerenti, but do call me Dane." I kiss both of their hands and stand. Olivia growls at me and Maya glares.

"Hands off the merchandise lad. Where's the Nyx cabin I'm a wee forgetful of this camp, mate?" 

"This way ladies. Um, so are you new to camp Maya? Will you stay here with us?"

"I'm new but by the time this is all over I don't know if I'll be alive." she says sadly. Olivia glares at her.

"Well, we'll protect you Maya after all you're family." I yawn and roll on the ground and nap.

"Useless positively useless." I hear Olivia say before I drift off into sleep.


I wake up in my bed in the Hypnos cabin. I can control my sleep better than most of my siblings that fall asleep at one strum of a guitar. It seems like I've missed dinner, but everyone is at the camp fire. I skip and crawl to the fire and sit in between Olivia and Maya. Olivia is introducing Maya to everyone and telling about the adventures they go on on the open waters. Everyone gasps and whispers at some of the crazy tales they here.

"The shark was still alive and it started biting at me crew, but Ole scar face here fended him off and threw him back into the water. Maya is a true sailor ya know and she loves to cook," Maya glares at her. "So if you all need any help with dinner preporations..."

"And this brings me back into the time when Cap here er sailed us to the cave of Sirens. She was hypnotized by their call and so were we. I had some sense to know what was happening and I tried to steer back in the other direction, but Cap started fighting me for the wheel. Boy, was she in a trance? The Sirens had sharp teeth and wanted to gnaw into us and drown us. In the end I tied her up and steered us back on the right path and was awarded the bravest." 

Everyone claps for Maya and she smirks and licks her lips. It's peculiar how sharp her teeth are. Very peculiar.... Chiron smiles at Maya and and Aphrodite girl looking at Maya distastefully blurts,

"Tell us how you got the scars on your face." Everyone looks at the girl as if she'd got into a touchy subject but Maya clears her throat.

"The Gods did this to me," Olivia glares at her and kicks her foot. Maya kicks her back playfully, "I wanted them to-to stop trying to kill my sister, because she's a Onigod," they all gasp and point, "and a harmless one at that her name is Scarlet. She has never hurt anyone in her life and I hate the way they treat them so I told them to buzz off and they sent Hounds after me. I wasn't ready either, it just happened. Olivia saved me though." Maya smiles to her, "And that's why I owe my life to being on the seas with her." 

Everyone is silent as they take in all that they said. 

"Your sister is a vampire demigod, but is harmless?" asks an Ares child.

Maya nods, "W- They're not as bad as they seem and are shunned all over because of gods and that's why I want you all to help me."

"Help you what?" I ask in such a curious manner.

"Help me save the Oni's and make the gods see them like they see normal Demigods." 

"And how do you propose we do that?" asks Chiron.

"Start and uprising." says Olivia and Maya in unison.

The fire turns a dark purple as the chattering of the campers grow higher. I know why her teeth are so sharp now. She's one of them. If I say anything will they kill her or maybe that will cause them to see that their kind isn't so dangerous. Maya is staring at me with black eyes. She's looking into my soul! I fall to my knees as I hear her voice in my head.

"You know?"

"Yes." I think to myself in pain. 

"You won't say a word or I'll end your life before you can blink." 

"Yes ma'am." I open my eyes and Chiron is talking with Maya. Did that really just happen? She looks over at me and I know it did. Damn my curiosity. You've brought me into the mix of death and war! But atleast it'll be a war filled with hot vampire dames. I sure as hell hope they don't eat me for the celebration for our victory.

Chapter 14: Soren: The Ride of the ValkyriesEdit

It's not every day you meet a goddess.

And fight her and her possessed minions.

I knew something was up when that vampire dude attacked me.

I was walking with my best friend since childhood, and fighting equal Ivan Molniya. He had on his usual smile, like he was ready to cause some mischief, as usual.

"So Ivan. Who's that girl you've been hanging out with? She your girlfriend~?" I ask, teasingly.

Ivan chuckled.

"No. Not yet. She's from Camp Keiken."

"You're dating an enemy?"

"Yes. And no. We're not dating yet, and she actually kinda likes this place, so I guess-"

Suddenly, a big BOOM. The two of us looked to the source of the noise, and saw smoke. I brandished my blades, Ivan his gauntlet.

"You ready?" He asks eagerly.

I smirk. "You know it, man."

The two of us jump onto the roof of the nearest cabin to us, and see that there are at least seven women clad in armor, two with flaming arrows.

"Valkyries..." Ivan whispers to himself. "What're they doing here?"

"More importantly..." I begin "Why are they attacking?"

Suddenly, I hear a "Gack!" And Ivan rolls off the roof.


Suddenly, I'm sent skidding across the roof, and stop at the edge. Standing groggily, I see that the woman has long, flowing lavender hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She wore a corset-like breastplate, a blue skirt, long armored boots, and an armored tiara. Her sword was dripping with blood. Ivan's.

I recognized her instantly.

"Freya...? What're you-"

She charges, and turns her sword into a large jousting spear. I prepare to guard it, but someone jumps in front of me.

"You okay, dude?"

"Ivan! Are you okay?!"

Ivan was blocking the spear with his gauntlet, and holding his side with his other hand. I could see blood seeping through his fingers.

"Come on, Soren. We've been through worse. Take care of those Valkyries. I've got this."

Suddenly, the gem in his gauntlet glowed yellow, and a spark of lightning channeled through the spear, shocking Freya enough for her to stop her weapon and jump back.

Ivan clearly had this under control, so I jumped down, and drop kicked a raven-haired Valkyrie who had a sword to a little girls' throat. The Valkyrie crashed into the wall of a cabin, and instantly her six allies were upon me. I spun, swords extended, keeping them at bay.

Then, I noticed something... Off.

Their eyes were all piercing red, and their canine teeth were really sharp. Almost like that guy I had fought and slain the other night.

It can't be...

Is Ragnarok starting?


No. It can't be...

I jump back from the swipe of a Valkyrie with a spear. Swinging my left blade down, I chop the spear in half, and flip kick the Valkyrie into another.


I fall to my knees, a heavy blow hits me in the back. I look to my right, and see a Valkyrie spinning a weighted chain. She throws it forward once more, but I knock it back at her with one of my swords, hitting her in the knee, and having her crumple to the floor.

Four down.

The final three charge, unarmed.

At first confused, I realized they had their fangs bared.

Yup. Definitely vampires.

I concentrated, and brought my sword together.

In a flash of white energy, I floored the three Valkyries.

In my hand, the legendary Blade of Ragnarok.

I looked up, seeing Ivan shoot a blast of lightning at Freya, who blocked it with her shield.

Looking back down, I slashed at the three rising Valkyries, sending a blast of holy lightning at them, knocking them unconscious.

I jumped onto the roof where Ivan was fighting the goddess, guarding him just in time to block a sword swing.

"Lady Freya! Why are you attacking?"

She scowled, and knocked me back, before jumping back.

"My Valkyries have told me that someone here has started a cult, resurrecting the dead, and taking them from Valhalla and Folkvangr. Tell me, where is this cult?"

Ivan stands.

"Milady. There is no cult."

She points her sword at us.

"Are you accusing my Valkyries of lying?"

Ivan blinks.

He stammers "U-Um... Well..."

"No. But I believe they're possessed by some force." I cut in.

Freya makes a stern face, and lowers her sword.

"Possessed? State your evidence, boy, and I may leave."

I breathe in, explaining to her that I had fought a boy similar to her Valkyries the other day. I told her of their vampiric tendencies, and advanced aggression.

She seemed to consider this, when the raven-haired Valkyrie hopped up into the roof.

"Milady." She bows. "What has happened? My troop are all defeated, and there's a large crater in the ground."

Freya's eyes go wide.

"You don't remember your battle, Rossweisse?"

The raven-haired Valkyrie, Rossweisse, shook her head.

"No. All I remember is my troop being called in by Loki before we left, and-."

"Loki...." Freya said with utter loathing. "Rossweisse, get the chariot. We're leaving. Forgive me, Ivan, Soren. We'll tend to the damages. And Ivan..."

She rests her hand on his side, and his wound heals.

Freya smiles.

"You're an amazing fighter. And so are you, Soren. I approve of both your statuses as camp protectors."

We get on our knees, in a respectful bow.

"Thank you, Lady Freya." We say in unison.

She nods to us, and jumps into her chariot, which was just passing by the building we were on top of, flying back to Asgard.

And now we knew the source of these vampiric beings.


Chapter 15 Yukari: Searching for an OnigodEdit

I could hardly believe my ears when my siblings ran inside the cabin to tell me what had happened at the camp meeting. Apparently, a girl claiming to be an Onigod appeared and asked the camp to work with her.

An Onigod.

Maybe she knows Austin.

I sound like such a worry wart, he's probably fine. It's just, I haven't heard from him in a while. It's natural for me to worry, right?

What if he's hurt? Or worse?

No, stop Yukari. He's fine. I know it. If he was hurt, I would've known. The headaches are hard to miss.

"...Maybe you should ask." Sakura says as she stands next to me. She could always read me like a book, and could tell what I was thinking. I don't know how, as she was blind, but that's one of the reasons I stay by her. To find out her secrets.

"No," I voiced. "I'm busy."


"Always." Even when Austin visited, I studied (or I tried). As a daughter of Athena, I'd naturally want to know everything. It started as a result of bullying. Then it became my fascination. It was fascinating to learn about things. How our nerves react, how our senses get more accurate when we lose one of them, and how a blind person sees the black and white pieces of a chess board. It was just simply amazing.

"If this is important," Sakura says, "you should ask."

"It is important." I mutter, "but this is also important."

"As important as checking on your fiancé?"

"There's a chance she might not know him."

"And a chance she does." I stay silent at that remark, reading onwards about the changing of the female body as pregnancy progresses. It's actually an interesting topic. The body changes along with the small child. It's only about the size of a penny by the third month. Plus-

"Yukari." Sakura said sternly. I sigh.

"You'll be alone." I say.

"Finny will take care of me." She counters.

"Finnian is with John."

"He knows where I am, and will be here shortly."

"What if something happens?"

"I don't do much. A vision won't come unless something big is going to happen."

"What if-" I'm cut off by Sakura.

"Austin's in danger!" She cries. I jump up.

"What?!" Then my sister begins to laugh.

"See?" She says. "Go check on him." I sigh, and stand.

"Fine," I mutter. "But it's hard to find who I don't know."

“I think you’ll know who she is by looking for her.” Sakura says. As if she has the right to speak. I walk outside of our castle, a bit worried for Sakura. But she was old enough to take care of herself, so why was I worried? I was worried for Austin.

I was worried that he might’ve gotten into trouble, and that he might've gotten hurt. And I wouldn't have been there with him. Then it’d be my fault, because I wasn’t there to protect him. To talk him out of whatever stupid idea he was going through.

I sigh and shake my head as I look around. Where would that Onigod be…? Perhaps she was some place close, where she was put under guard. It’d make the most sense, after all. If we were going to fight with her, they’d want to protect her. The Big House.

I walked over to the big farm house, looking around. Instantly, everything I saw clouded my mind with facts. ‘The leaves are using the sunlight to make food,’ I think, even though that’s kindergarten knowledge. ‘I wonder what it’d be like if human beings had that type of system…’ Not particularly a bad question, but not really a good one either. I see a flying ant wizz past my vision, and land on the ground. I can’t help bending over and looking at it. What type of worker is it? Most probably a food gatherer. I can’t doubt that, as it picks up a crumb, and flies away with it, being weighed down a bit.

‘That has to be a male in the mating stage,’ I think. ‘The flight pattern is off. After it mates, it’s going to die...’ I shake my head at the thought, and then I mentally slap myself. How could I get so distracted? I slowly walk, one foot in front of the other. I keep my head down, though the sunlight shines on me, reflected back by my cross pin. My arms are at my side, and I feel stiff. As if I were nervous. Which I was not.

Finally I reach the porch. What should I say? I was that invisible camper no one noticed. I really doubted the fact my own mother knew if I were alive. How would I go about requesting to see this Onigod? "Good afternoon, I'm Yukari. I'm that camper no one knows about. Even though you don't know me, you should let me talk to that Onigod because I want to know about my fiancé. Thank you."

I can picture how that would turn out.

I awkwardly just stand there until I hear a familiar call. "Auntie~!" A voice squeals. I look in the direction in which it came from and realize it's my niece, Hikari. She's a blond, with short hair and big blue eyes. She was also kind of short herself. She was running over to me with the biggest grin, wearing an aeropostle polo and a pair of short shorts. I blink at her attire.

"Hikari!" I scold her. She just laughs at me as if she already knew what I was talking about and gave me a hug that I didn't return.

"Auntie! God, it's been so long since I've seen you!" She says, and blabs on about how I don't get out enough, and how her twin, Hikaru, was kind of worried for me.

"Don't worry about me," I say, "I'm perfectly fine."

"I told him that! But he's been a bit of a grouch lately."

"I wonder why." I sarcastically retort to her. Hikari pouts a bit, then folds her arms with a questioning look.

“So, auntie, what are you doing here?” She asks me. I shrug a bit, and put on a emotionless face.

“Just hanging out.” Her face twists up as she looks me over, as if she’s trying to decide if I was lying or telling the truth. We stood there in silence for a few minutes, until she had finally decided.

“You’re lying.” She says. “Did you try to kill yourself again?” I shake my head.

“No.” I outstretch my arms to show her the faded cut-marks along them, and I move my collar away from my neck so she could see I no longer had bruises in that area. “See? I haven’t tried lately.”

“Lately,” She says lowly, looking away from me. Then she pastes on a fake smile, and looks back at me. “So what are you doing here?” I decide to tell her, because eventually she would work the answer out of me. “I’m looking for the Onigod.”


“Because I’m looking for her.” Hikari points behind her towards the beach.

“I just saw her at the beach,” she says. “Her and her friend are a bit rude though.” I just nod, as if I would care. Well, I probably would. But I’ll ignore her manners at best.

“Thanks, Hikari.” Hikari nods, and smiles a wide smile.

“No problem,” she says. She gives me one last hug, promises to tell her brother she saw me, and then leaves. I watch her go, waving at her. Then I walk down the steps of the big house. I look for the beach, and then decide to go back to my cabin.

I’ll just tell Sakura I couldn't find her.

Chapter 16 James: SecretsEdit

-James POV-

I woke up, my head throbbing with pain. I sat up and my vision was blurry and It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach multipule times.

"James!" I heard the familiar voice call and turned my head to see Julia standing next to the bed I was sitting in. Her head was bandaged up and so were her wrists.

"What happened Julia?" I asked, my voice cracking. It hurt to speak, it felt like something was pulling on my vocal cords.

"I don't remember, but Scarlet said we were attacked by Takeshi." That was no surprise to me, I hated that guy with every ounce in my body. And I hated the rest of them just as much.

"Julia, you remember Hikari and Hikaru from Camp. Don't you?" I asked her and she gave a nod, a smile spreading across her face.

"Are we going to go see them?" She asked, bouncing happily like she was on a sugar high. I nodded my head and she gave a little squeal.

"We're going to see them soon, we're leaving this place." I said and the smile faded.

"But what about Scarlet?" She asked, pouting now.

"Well, we're just going to have to visit her another time." I said and the frown turned upside down and Julia nodded, luckily there was a window in this small bedroom. And by the looks of it, the sun had been up for a few hours.

"Slip on your shoes and grab a weapon. I'll do the same." I said and threw the covers off and stood up, I was slightly dizzy but could still walk. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed a dagger from off the wall. Julia did the same, still with a smile on her face.

I walked over to the window and opened it up all the way, I propped a small wooden stick to keep it open so it wouldn't fall on one of us.

"Where do you think you two are going?" I heard and turned around, Julia gave a small yelp and I pushed her behind me. Takeshi stood in the doorway with a nasty grin spread across his face, his fangs showing quite nicely.

"We're leaving, that's what we're doing." I said and he chuckled.

"You can't leave this place you know, we'll just hunt you down." He said and gave a flick with his hand, claws grew and he smirked.

Without thinking, I shoved Julia out the window and heard her land on the ground. Footsteps broke into a run as she ran away, I turned and gripped the sides of the window. Then a piercing burning pain broke throughout my whole back.

I let out a yelp and heard Takeshi laughing evilly, I kicked him where it hurts and jumped out the window. He growled at us and stood in the house. Sunlight would surely kill him if he was in it for too long, and he wouldn't waste his life chasing us.

I caught up to Julia who was running pretty fast, I would've been running as fast as her but my back was bleeding and burning. So I was a little bit behind her.

We managed to run for a few hours before we came to the borders of the camp, I colasped at the tree and blacked out before I knew what happened. 

~End of Chapter 16~ 

Chapter 17 Olivia: Unexpected VisitorsEdit

I wasn't really one for sleep...Sleep was for the weak and I was far from weak. My crew came back to the boat a few days ago, ready to set sail with some newbies, but I told them that we'd be here for a while longer and that they'd better cherish it.  When I heard about the arrival of two children at the camp borders I wasn't very suprised. Maya was, however acting like a psycho. She said she smelled Scarlett, whoever in the sam hell that is, and Takeshi as soon as they entered camp. She's pulling me towards the infirmary, though we're still in our pajamas. Mine had seaguls and anchors on them, she was wearing a gown that looked like it was covered in splatches of blood. Wonder if that's just a design....probably not. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the two new arrivals. I started to back away, as I recognized the two perfectly. There was the only creatures I'd ever letten escape me vessel. I gasp and continue backing away. My crew thinks I killed them. Some of them are here they'll know I let them go! They'll think I'm soft. They'll never listen to me! Maya glares at me then the children, connecting the dots. She sighs and rolls her eyes at me.

"I'll distract your crew and tell them you have things for them to do outside of camp, if you make sure I speak with these kids later. Don't let them leave and don't let anyone know what they are." 

I nod appreciatevely. I had no clue that these impish demons could be....nice. I thought her speach was a load of tuna, but maybe she has a point. I sit next to the tyrrants and wait for them to wake. They'll be in for a rude awakening when they see me. Maya sighs and walks out of the infirmary. I hear her call one of my crew-mates and see her walk towards the left before the door closes. I sigh louder and start to slap the kids, but then I think better of it. I don't want them to wake up and think I'm here to finish what I was suppose to a while ago. I hate it when your past comes back to haunt you. It was like the time when one of me crew members were possessed when he came back from an island we were visiting. Aye, I tell you that was a tiresome week for us all. Our ship was haunted and me crew almost stooped so low as to walk the plank then be aboard the ship. But, aye, that was months ago, nay, years ago! We ended up feeding that member to the sea. He was a good lad, he had total faith and me and he was a wee bit older than me. That haunting is nothing like this one, though. This one will bite me in the poop deck and cause my crew to think I'm soft and a liar. They won't think of me as a leader and that is a problem! 

Julia blinks a bit, before taking in her surroundings. She looks up at me last then starts shaking James. The poor lad groans in pain and looks up.

"What is it, Julia?!" He sits up then hisses and lies back down.

Julia points at me with her finger quivering. I open my mouth to speak, but James starts yelling.

"Quiet, you damn-," I sigh and smile, "Can you stop yelling James? I'm not here to hurt you, nay, as a matter of fact I'm here to help your kind and all you can do is blow out me ear drums?" 

James shakes his head and apologizes under his breath. Julia frowns at me as if she's still not buying it.

"How are you here to help our kind?" she snaps.

I glare at her. She does realize I could end her impish life with one blow? I guess not, but I promised Maya.

"Well missy, I'm fighting in the war against the gods and Oni's, as a matter of fact, I think they're calling Camp Asgard and a few others to help us."

"Us?" The kids question in unison.

I hate having to reexplain things! "You see, another one of your fellow Onigods is here at camp helping promote the demigods to help you all. Now I happen to have been acquainted with this Oni. Maybe you know her? Maya is her name." 

The two look at eachother wide-eyed. "Isn't that the crazy chick that ran away?" asks Julia.

"Wasn't she that one depressing guys sister. Luke or Lucky?" replies James.

Julia giggles, "Something like that! Yeah, they said she'd have them all killed with her frecklenessniss!" I frown.

"Don't you mean recklessness?" I nearly burst into laughter. What do they teach them at school?

Julia points at me and nods.

"Well, whatever it is, we know she's crazy! We were going through their stuff when we lived there and we found this note from her." says James.

"Lucky caught us with it and he kind of freaked out...he got really upset, because of something it said. We didn't finish." 

Maya walks in foggy eyed.

"That's all I needed to hear. As long as they really think I meant all that stuff then my game is going according to planned." she hisses with a fangy smile.

I frown at her. What all did she hear?

"I heard everything, Liv. I can read minds and manipulate others."

"Game?" asks James, not sounding too confident.

"You see those fools hurt me. All in their own way. Takeshi in a different way...but that's a story for another halloween. And now I'm making them all suffer, in a special way. Scar has to figure out how I found out about her brother, Lucin has to figure out my logic, but I really do love the oaf, Austin has to figure out how he could possibly be an a-hole, but he's actually the sweetest boy I know, and Takeshi well...another story for another time." Maya smiles wickedly and sighs. 

"All cleared up by the way Cap." 

I salute to her and she salutes back then smiles at the kids. Dane skips in and hugs me and Maya.

"Well well well, haven't seen you two in a while. I think you've been avoiding me." he sings. He makes hisses at Maya. She grabs him by the neck.

"Don't f with me, Danerenti, you know I can end you." 

He smiles and chokes, "Anything for you princess." We roll our eyes.

"We'll protect you two, until the battle. Come to me and Liv if you need anything. I don't hunt with others though. And be careful not to get caught. Bathe in the rivers after hunting." 

James and Julia nod and try to get up. They both grunt. Maya tilts her head.

"You two were out in bright sunlight? That's why I keep on long sleeves and capes. Luckily for you us Scorpios are not only hot heads and savage killers, we can kind of heal, but don't get your hopes up I've done this once."

Dane leans on me, as Maya attempts to heal the two a bit. They stretch and limp. 

"Good enough," exclaims Dane, "NOW, can we go check and see which camps are for the cause then go swimming?" 

"I'm totally down for swimming!" I yell. 

The Oni clan just shrug and follow us out the infirmary. Luckily the sun is behind the clouds today. Well this outta be fun, right?

Chapter 18 Maria: Romance and Other Cheesy Things Like EmbarrassmentEdit

God this Lucin guy is soooooo cute! I mean, just look at him! His eyes are so smexily red, and his hair-god his hair-it's so cutely styled I can't even~! Such a nice sleek black color, with the cutest "antennae" strands I've ever seen. That, and he's pretty tall. I love me some tall guys~. And dem abs~. Six of them! Six! I could skate on them!

But enough of my fangirling. Lemme get to the juicy romantic stoof!

So it was a pretty and sunny day at camp~. Since my two sisters were away on a mission, I was home alone for the next, like, month! So guess what? Luci (my nickname for him~.) gets to stay with me!

We were walking around camp. I was showing him around. Since he kinda has to stay here now.

"What're all these cliffs?" He asks.

Now's my chance to sound super ultra smart!

I clear my throat. "These cliffs are the Fjords. Only the most powerful demigods go down here to train and fight against the most ruthless Scandinavian monsters! Like trolls, and on a good day, frickin' Jormumgandr!"

Lucin tilts his head. "You're-mun-gander?"

I giggle, causing him to blush, embarrassed. So cute~!

"No no. Jormumgandr. He's the crazy, evil serpent thing that'll fight Thor during Ragnarok! Of course, if all that's true, Thor and Jormumgandr'll both die along with the rest of the planet."

There was a rather awkward silence.

"Dafuq?" He asks.

I shrug. "I don't write the myths. I just read 'em."

"Makes sense."

"So~." I start. "Do you watch anime?"

"Yeah. Why-"


He flinches. "Uh. Y-Yeah."

A blush, now embarrassed.

"S-Sorry 'bout that. I got a bit excited."

"Over anime? I know it's awesome, but..."

I make a "do not want" face.

"But what?" I press.

"But is it that big a deal to verbally attack me?"

"Hey. I said I was sorry. But so many anime nowadays give me the feels~!"

"Like?" He asks.

"Hmm... Like Free! That got really frickin' intense!"

"True." He admits. Yay! He agreed!

"And... Higurashi. And Baka and Test! And-"

"Attack on Titan!" We say in unison, causing us to stop, blush, and look away.

More awkward silence.

"Uh... AoT is pretty awesome!" Lucin starts again.

I nod. "Yeah. God. Eren is soooo hoooot!"

"And Mikasa~." He says.

'Hmph. What's so great about her?' I wonder.

"Let's get goin'." I say, walking.

Lucin follows close behind me, eyeing the Fjords for any potential demon serpents.

After a while of walking, we stop at a sunny little meadow, complete wit spring green grass, and prettiful flowers. The meadow goes all the way up to a cliff, overlooking the blue, shiny sea.

My favorite place in the camp, the Garden of Sunna.

Of course, this part of the Garden is only known by me. Since I found it and all. I haven't told a soul~.

Lucin looks around, taking in the pretty scenery.

"Where are we?" He asks, adorably mystified.

I smile.

"My favorite place in the whole camp. My secret place in the Garden of Sunna."

"Sunna...?" He asks. "Lemme guess. Goddess of Life?" He gestures to the lively scenery, complete with tweeting birds, and a deer that I swear to Frigga was hanging out with a rabbit and skunk.

Freakin' Bambi and Thumper and Flower! Wat?!

"No." I say. "Goddess of the Sun."

"Oh." He says. "The name 'Sunna' should've spoken for itself. Ehehe..." He chuckles cutely, scratching the back of his head.

I smile more. God he's adorable~! I lurvs him~!


I lurvs him? Do I?

It's true I like him. A lot. But does he feel the same- Oh god. He's looking straight at me~! His red eyes shined in the sunlight, but his smile outshined everything here.

"Hey. Wanna sit at the cliff and look out at the ocean?" He asks.

I smile and nod.

"Of course!"

He smiles, and holds out his hand. I blush, and take it. Like a boss!

He walks me to the cliff, and we sit down, our legs dangling over the edge.

Sure, we could fall at any time. But we won't since we aren't total idiots.

He kept holding my hand. His hand was strong, as you'd expect. But... It was also... Soft. Protective.

I look at him. And he looks at me. And I look at him. And he looks at me. And I look at him-No! No Weird Al references!

'I can't take it anymore...' I think to myself.

So I do what you're probably expecting, and kiss I him.

Hel yeah!


After a few seconds, I separate.

When I see him, he's blushing red. Red like his smexeh eyes.

I blush.

'Oh crap!' I think. 'What if I did that too fast?!' My conscience (who's just a chibi me.) starts flailing around, causing me to stand up.

"I-I'm sorry!"

Then I just kinda up and run.


I hear him call to me "Wait! Maria!" But my embarrassment was too much.

But that's not even the worst part!

When I get back, I hear Soren and Ivan kicked some Valkyrie ass, AND I MISSED IT!!

And even worse?



No! No no no no no no!

A string got undone on my rabbit doll! And I don't have scissors!!

This is the worst day ever!!

Chapter 19 Lucin: Getting the girlEdit

I stood there and watched Maria run away, not bothering to chase after her like the idiot I am. After the kiss, I didn't know what to say. I was shocked. Why had she kissed me? Why did I kiss back? Why had I liked it?

What was going on?

Shaking my head, I had decided that this wasn't the time. It was nowhere near it. I had to go find her. I had to claim what was mines.

...Wait. "Claim what was mines"? Where had all of this come from? That one kiss?

Too many questions, not enough answers.

I quickly ran out of the garden place, using my Onigod skills to track down Maria. Or what I could smell of her. No matter how refreshing she smelled, her scent got tangled up with other scents.

One scent said to go north. Another also said that. Two said to go south. One said left, one said right. WHERE DID SHE GO?!!

'Think, Lucin.' I thought to myself. If I were Maria, where would I go? I quickly sighed. She's so unpredictable. Besides, even if I managed to find her in all of her perfect glory, she would run. I would have to try and do something- anything- to keep her in one spot. To keep her there long enough to answer my questions.

Sighing, I quietly resolved to go to her cabin. Surely she'll have to show up eventually. It is her home. Unless she's gone and ran away, which would make me feel bad. At that thought my face tightened with worry. She's so small. If she ran away...what if she gets hungry? Or worse! What if her little doll gets torn? Ah! All the terrible possibilities! I have to find her!

Running towards her cabin where he scent was undoubtedly the strongest, I manage to keep an eye out on things. Any little sign. Any hint that she's been here. That would be refreshing to my heart.

M-my heart? I mean, my brain! Yeah!

Oh face it Lucin. For this to even work I'll have to be honest with myself. Or else what's the point in finding her?

Then what's the truth? What's the plain, actual truth?





I like her? No. I really like her. No...I love her. I love Maria. I don't know how or when it happened. But I love her. And that's the truth.

That's what I'm going to tell her.

I'm definitely going to tell her, so I have to find her! After running to her cabin, I slow down my pace. The next few steps are taken hesitantly. I go to the door and place my hand on the knob.


I twist it. Ever so slowly, I twist it. I put my head through the space. "Maria?"

Nothing. The lights are all off, and she's nowhere in sight. I sigh and walk inside the cabin. After a few helpless moments of pacing, I decide to just turn on the Tv.

The news reporter's face pops up, and her voice is reporting about something. Then, she says,

"The time and date is XX:XX, XXX, 15, 20XX." My eyes nearly come out of my sockets. I sit there gaping. 2 weeks. I've been here two weeks...I should go back. I really should. Austin and Takeshi are probably lost without me. I shouldn't have left them. That was such a coward's move. I need to go back. There's no other reason to-

My thoughts are cut off by the door opening. I look towards it. There, is Maria. She stands there looking at me, but then walks away. I run after her.

"Maria, wait!" But she ignores me. Soon she starts running, and I'm running even faster.

"Go away!" She yells, quickening her pace. I scoff and just decide to use my full speed. Within a few minutes, she's in my arms, struggling to get out.

"Let me go!" She says. But I hold on to her.


"I'm sorry for kissing you, so let go." The daughter of Hel says. I shake my head.

"No. Stop it Maria. Stop it!" I said in a stern voice. My tone grew softer. "J-just explain it to me."

"Explain what?" She asked. Oh. Playing dumb, are we?

"Why did you kiss me?" There was an silence. Then she mumbled something. "What?" I asked. She mumbled it again. "Speak up."

"I said, "I don't know."" Maria lied.


"Well! It's the truth."

"No it's not. Tell me, Maria. Stop being afraid." Then she smiled at me.

"Well. You see. It's simple: I like Luci." Luci. That cute pet name she calls me. I love it when she says that.

"You like me?" She nods. "I like you too."

I wish I had recorded the way her face lit up, like a child opening a christmas day present.

"You're not lyin-"

"I'm not." I said with a grin. Maria's face was absolutely priceless. It made me forget all about how I had to go back.

Chapter 20 Maya: Seeing them againEdit

Posessed? We went to Asgard first and it was a complete mess. People were wounded and they had said Vampires had posessed the other camp and came here. It was all to skeptical and I didn't really understand it. I know it wasn't my people, but maybe the lost Oni's. This boy, Soren, he hunted my kind. I stayed as far away from him as possible, though he did seem suspicious of me, since I was new to their camp. I was frightened. If any of them found me out, I'd be dead and they might blame the camp. Liv decided that we should leave quickly. Dane agreed and guarded over me. Dane has to be the most pathetic thing ever. I might as well have a poodle for protection. Our camp said that we would have to go get my clan for convincing, because most of the camps refused. The Egyptians didn't mind helping us out though. I didn't want to face them again. Not after what I did. Though, it's been a month, I can't bring myself to see any of them again. Liv, Julia, James, and Dane decide to come with me. 

"As long as you protect us from, Taki boy." Julia hisses.

"Takeshi," I laugh, "He wouldn't hurt a fly." I lie sticking put my tongue at them. Dane stands behind Liv and shivers.

Once we're at the line of the forest that hides my home I start to feel better. I can smell everyone. But, there's a lot of Lupus and Oni mixture close by. I follow it and try not to choke. 

"Lucin?" He turns to me and the smile on his face leaves him. The girl he's with hugs him tightly and rubs his hair.

"Maya, you....what are you-" He chokes first.

"I'm sorry, brother. You-" He hugs me tightly. So tight that I lose the air in my lungs. One tear falls from his eye then he lets go. 

"Don't leave ever again."

"I'm not leaving. We all are." Dane waves slightly to Lucin and his girl.

"What do you mean and what's up with the demigods," He looks down at Julia and James, "Oh you two are back, eh?" 

They nod. "I'll explain when we get home. You're a filthy mess, by the way. There's ths thing called a tub-"

"I haven't been home since you left, Maya."

I hug him, "I'm sorry."

"I'm Maria." Lucin's girl person friend smiles at me. She has blood stains on her, wreaks of Lupus, but is not one, and her hair is multi-colored.

"Maya. This is Olivia, Dane, and Julia and James." 

"Aye, can we get on with it now? You know how I am when it comes to missions. I'd like this get this er all behind us, so I can get back to thee sea, ye know?" Olivia really needs grammar help. So do these kids. 

"I finally get to meet your family!" Maria blushes and holds Lucins hand, "Right Luci?"

He smiles at her, "Mhhm. Maya, I know what you said wasn't true and you leaving might've been good for me. I met Maria." They exchange googly eyes. 

"rhfirghriur." I make gagging sounds.

"P-lease. You and Takeshi use to be the same way, except more violent."

"You dated Taki boy? He tried to kill me!" James yelps.

I shrug, "It was in the past. He was hard to be with after Takeo left, ya know? He was so depressed and mourned over that jacket he gave him. I tried to help him, but..." 

Dane hugs me and starts blubbering. I shove him.

"Would ya shutap?" Liv shoves him too.

We go into our cabin. Scarlet just stands there talking to Austin. Takeshi is-

"Takeo??????!!!" Takeshi turns to me with a, believe it or not, smile on his face. I hug the two.

"Scar found him in the forest! Wait- Maya??? You're back?" Takeshi shoves me a bit. 

Austin glares at me, "I aM NOT AN ASSHOLE!" 

I hug Austin, "I know. I just wanted to make a scene, because I'm a crazy bitch, 'member?" 

Austin wasn't one to hold grudges, so he hugs me back. Scar, however, grabs me by my collar.

"How did you know?!" 

"You told me when you were drunk off blood, dear." She hisses and lets go.

Liv explains everything to them, while I stare in awe at Takeshi and Takeo being together again. Maybe Takeshi and I could- I choke and turn my attention back to Maria and Lucin being all mooshy, which takes me right back to Takeshi. Austin looks back and forth between me and Takeshi, knowingly.

"Austin....shutup." I stare at the wall and he laughs at me. Dane cuddles Liv, while she tells everything. Everyone has a cuddle buddy except me...and Austin, but *le gag. I hadn't realized how much I missed everyone. Lucin smiles at me knowingly and hugs Maria tighter. Ugh, he's mocking me.

"....So ya'll comin'?" Liv finishes. 

Everyone nods and we get up and start to pack.

Chapter 20.5 Austin: What do I look like? Your maid?Edit

"Ugh....." I moan as I flop onto my bed. "What is wrong with these children? It's like running a daycare. First there was Takeshi..." My thoughts drifted to about two hours ago.

"Takeshi~!" I call downstairs. I'm carrying a tray of brownies just for him. He won't admit it, but he absolutely loves my brownies. So I made them just for him. I descended down the stairs, and saw Takeshi training on a standing punching bag.

"Hey Taki-"

"Don't call me that!" He snaps.

"Okay. Sorry. I just wanted to let you know I made brownies."


After an uncomfortable silence, he replies "Just for me?"

I chuckle.

"Yep. I made em just for you~! You enjoy!"

I ruffle his snow white hair, like a father proud of his son, and go to walk upstairs.

"Wait!" He calls.

I stop, and walk back down.

"Yeah, Taki-" I catch myself. He hates it when I call him by my pet name for him. "Takeshi?"

He looks around, seemingly flustered about something.

"C-Could you spar with me? I-I mean, what was with our last spar?! You totally dropped my ass like I was nothing the whole time!"

Not knowing how to respond, I awkwardly chuckle. "Well Takeshi, I was always holding back in our spars I guess."

Crap. That probably wasn't good to say, as proven when he punches me square in the gut.

"Asshole!" He shouts.

Not wanting to emasculate him more, I pretend to groan in pain. "O-Ow...! I'm sorry! I just thought if I he back it would help you more...!"

He scowls, and crosses his arms over his bare chest. "Well it doesn't. If I'm gonna get stronger, you should fight to your fullest!"

I nod. "Yeah yeah. I get it."

"Now spar with me for real!" He says.

I sigh, and take off my t-shirt. I crack my neck, and get into a battle stance.


"Ow ow ow ow ow...." Takeshi complains as I apply an alcohol covered swab to his cheek and apologize extensively as I do so.

"That's why I hold back. I don't wanna hurt you." I state.

I can't believe what my ears hear next: Takeshi's chuckle!

"What's so funny?" I ask.

"Oh nothing, Aussie. It's just that I should've expected no less from you."

Aussie? Takeshi has a pet name for me? Better yet, Takeshi makes pet names? I smile at the thought.

"Yeah." I pat his back. "Go back to training. Those brownies can't go to waste."

He hops up.

"Got it!" He says as he runs back into the basement.

I smile, and walk into the TV room.

"I wanna watch Family Feud!" Maya screeches.

"Hell no! We're watching Worlds Dumbest!" Lucin protests.

They both notice me.

Maya blinks.

"Damn. I forgot how buff you were, Austin. Nice~. Now tell Lucin that we're watching Family Feud!"

Lucin puffs out his cheeks like a child.

"No! Worlds Dumbest!"

Maya clings to me like a sad, scared child (though I don't think sad, scared child grope people's cheats, do they?).

"Austin~! Lucin's being an ass~!"

I sit her down, and sit between them.

"Now you two. Why don't you Rock Paper Scissors for it?"

"No way! That's too easy!" Lucin once again protests.

"Afraid you'll lose~?" Maya mocks.

Lucin growls. "Shut the hell up!!"

I flick his nose.

"No using Hell's name in vain!" I scold.

Lucin pouts, and Maya laughs at him.

"Hey" I scold, "no laughing."

"Yeah, Family F*ck-Up!" Lucin says nastily and full of malice.

"You little-!" Maya leaps over me and tackles Lucin, who rolls over her onto the floor. After five minutes of trying to break up their own dumb feud (being kicked and punches and scratched in the proceeds), and pry them away from each other.

Wiping blood off my lip, I sit them on the couch, and force them to hug after turning off the TV.

"Now you two sit here and love each other!"

"Yes dad..." They say in unison.

"Dad...?" I think to myself. Thinking of being a father made me think of Yukari. Oh my beautiful Yukari. I miss you so much. Your beautiful golden hair, sky blue eyes, beautiful body and personality.

I walk upstairs and flop onto my bed, and sigh.

"These kids are a hassle..." I say. "But they're my hassle."

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