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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Beikeiai17

    Behind the name

    July 31, 2013 by Beikeiai17

    Hello Everyone.

     This blog here is to give you a little understanding to the reason I chose Beikeiai17 as my profile name. It also includes the story.

    The name Beikeiai originates from my facination in anime and manga, when I was younger. At first I didn't actually know it was called anime or manga, I watched the typical American ones. Dragon Ball, Pokemon and even Yu-Gi-Oh! When I was in middle school (Six to Seventh Grade). I began to take an interest in actually persuing an anime manga story career. I wanted to write out a manga story and get it out there for the public to view. This sparked in me and one of my friends, to get interested into write out a story board. I made up the names, the original story was supposed to be based on my ow…

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